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What Makes a Good Reverse Phone Lookup Company

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A reverse phone lookup is conducted when one has a telephone number but no name to it. It is also done when one suspects that he has been given a false name. Reverse phone lookup is also done for a phone number that belongs to a business. All numbers are registered under various businesses and individuals. The common denominator is the name and the address. Other additional details are found in the directories as volunteered by the owners of the phone number. These include fax, email, url or additional phone numbers. All this data can be acquired by simple reverse phone search over the Internet. The difference is that manual crosschecking in a directory would take ages while on a computer it is done with a few clicks.

There are many online reverse phone lookup services but very few are reliable. When it comes to getting current updated information only a dedicated reverse phone lookup company can give their word on it. Especially difficult is a reverse cell phone lookup since what is of interest to the search is the location from where the line is most used. This location may be very different from where the line was registered. The name and address must first be procured from certified directories and above all the phone companies that store such information. In truth, the data does not come free since the reverse phone lookup company has to have collateral arrangements with the phone companies. The service constantly fetches latest information at a cost.

When doing a reverse phone lookup, one should be aware that some websites only convert and return country codes and area codes of the phone numbers. This is an automated service that does not even inform on which phone company issued the number. That kind of information may not be useful to someone who is trying to find the name of the owner of the line. Conducting a reverse phone search from a normal search engine therefore does not yield meaningful results. Much of the information is gotten by browsing through the indexes of websites to produce results that are at times misleading. Some websites feign to be dedicated reverse lookup experts and a monthly or annual fee. This is an easy subscription for companies but lacks commitment in the service contract. If a reverse phone lookup is not successful there is no recourse for the searcher. If no reverse phone search was conducted in the duration of the contract, then the fee would have been a waste.

Having a reverse phone lookup conducted by a fresh search is the best and most reliable. The current location of an anonymous caller can be returned before he switches off. Of course it is assumed that the searcher has a caller ID on his cell phone or landline. The service must be able to conduct a reverse landline lookup and a reverse cell phone lookup. To make it a one stop shop means that it should be connected to all the major operators. A reverse VOIP lookup should be available for any calls made using voice over IP.

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