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What Makes a great Electro Pop band

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What Makes great <a href=””>Electro Pop</a> There are a lot of different things that go into to making a great electro pop band. First of all there has to be a strong lead vocal. The lead vocal is responsible for carrying the tune giving the song its “pop” nature and communicating the lyrics to the listener. A good singer can really make or break a band. Have you ever seen an electro pop band where the lead singer had a real deep voice and couldn’t keep a note? Or much sing at all? No, well me either but it would be funny. Now you know why a great singer is important to a cohesive electro pop song.


There are tow routes a band can go from here. They can either use a synthesizer or sampler to make their songs. This is great for the one-man band that does most of his recording in his mothers’ basement. Most often the artist will record all the different instruments himself with the help of his mac. This makes it very hard for them to play live shows unless they use a sampler or hire a backup band. Both are viable options.  The other option is to work with a band or other member to create a traditional band. You can enlist the help of the electric guitar, bass guitar, drums, and even the rhythm guitar but don’t forget the most important key is the electro sound that gives electro pop the unique sound that you love.  This is great because it allows the band to move in many different directions because of the members individual creativity will shine through and give you the ultimate experience of enjoying a great electro band!


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  • Posted On July 10, 2012
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