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What Makes MBBR Commendable in the Use as Wastewater Filter Media

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In plenty of enterprises, the wastewater treatment plant is supposed to be the necessity to help recycle water and clean the sewage and wastewater systems. It is important for many organisations nowadays to think about modernising their system of wastewater filtration methods, because it will give recycled water to the best possible level. This water can be then utilised for various purposes, solving the issues of water for the organisation. Besides, the filtration media is also important in different types of culture containers, so that the problem of impurities in the water can be solved at the earliest and the aquaculture can be carried out properly.

•    Treating waste water and incumbent products with filters and biological films

Waste water passing through the containers and bio filters will make the filtration process easier and better. This has been seen in many experimental set ups, with wastewater filter media containing biological substances. This is a newer concept of treating waste water, where the biological growth like a film will be able to develop smooth reactions of waste products. When this is treated, it will lead to better treatment of waste products, along with sludge materials being formed in less quantity. In contrast to the previous methods of precipitation and sedimentation, the wastewater upgrade MBBR or moving bio bed reactor, seems to be the best option in the present day scenario.

•    Efficient filtration system using bio films along with other possible recycling features

For the purpose of filtration, MBBR medium helps in good flow of water, with proper chemical and biological reaction of the wastewater, so that majority of the germs are destroyed. Due to this procedure, the germs are not able to develop solid waste materials and variety of other products. So, the water recycled is quite clean and usable for variety of purposes. In these types of reactions, the space required is also quite less, due to which the wastewater filter media can be given even in small containers. As a consequence, there has been an increase in efficiency of the filtration systems and these are possible to be accommodated in smaller spaces. Even domestic uses of such media are also seen rampantly nowadays along with camps, small temporary buildings and settlements. For industries having small scale operations, these small sized media containers are quite effective and cheaper options.

•    Ability of biofilm to move inside the water container for efficient cleaning

Moving bed bio film reactor is able to float on the surface of water as well as gets pushed inside due to the moving water. Water is possible to be moved inside the container, with air flow, so that uniform exposure of all portions of the water is possible to be done. There is efficient cleaning of the water so that wastewater upgrade MBBR technology seems to be fitting into various treatment plants at variety of locations. These bio films are quite powerful in the sense that they can activate sludge for degradation and protect the water from high infestation of the biological impurities. It is easier to handle such wastewater filter media due to the properties to dispose these off when degraded and get more numbers of such materials when required. Such flexibility with the MBBR has given a boost to the wastewater treatment technology in the modern era making it suitable to be fitted at variety of locations.

Author info – Stacy Dalton has long years of experience in wastewater treatment plant designing. With recent technology of wastewater filter media, there are plenty of advantages achieved as more and more people and companies go for wastewater upgrade MBBR technology.


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  • Posted On September 21, 2016
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