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What One Construction Addition Can You Build That Makes Indoor-Outdoor Living a Pleasure?

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There are a variety of building materials that can be used. In this scenario concrete will be used for the base with wood for the construction of the main area.
Concrete makes one of the most versatile of patio materials. It fills depressions, flows around rocks, and makes an unlimited number of two-dimensional shapes. You can also use individual paving blocks. You can mass produce them in your own backyard, They can also be laid down on a sand base. Exposed-aggregate concrete is one of the most popular types of surface finish. If the patio is built up to an outside wall of a garage you can build storage cupboards that hold supplies for the patio. If you want to cook outside you will need to add a barbecue of some sort. Depending on your budget, you can add a barbecue with a long counter, sink and water. Make sure that you take into consideration the breezes on the patio site before you install a permanent barbecue fixture. You do not want the wind to blow all the barbecue smoke from the fire into the sitting area. Of course plumbing will have to be planned in before building your patio. You may need a contractor for an elaborate kitchen. In today’s hectic life style many patios are used not only to cook in but to relax in. A patio is a change of pace, a vacation spot right in your own back yard. If a patio is used only to relax in, it can be smaller than one that is also for cooking and dining. One example of patio living is a patio-pavilion. It has two rooms and a screened entry from the house. One room has a solid roof so you can stay out in bad weather. Table and chairs can have an open roof screened in to keep the bugs out. The roofed section can contain storage shelving areas. It is built of 4 x 4 and 2 x 4 inch lumber. Solid panels are combined with screening. Colored plastic panels can be used to let light through. In conclusion, as you can see adding a patio is relatively simple but yet beneficial to the family. You can use a contractor or be your own contractor and do the job yourself with the right power tools and contractor tools. Building an outdoor living area can be a good investment. A carefully thought out patio can boast the resale value of your home by much more than the improvement costs to you. The biggest cost is labor. That is where you can save money by doing the work or most of the work yourself.


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