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What One Should know about Clomid?

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Clomid is an antiestogen of non-steroid structure which effect is caused by specific binding to estrogen receptors in the ovaries and pituitary gland. The preparation is even more effective when used with anabolic steroids. There is noticed suppressed testosterone production.

Spermatogenesis and testosterone levels in the blood usually return to normal within 10-14 days after starting Clomid, so it is recommended to take this preparation after steroid drugs cessation.  During this period, it is essential to restore normal levels of testosterone in the blood as soon as possible to avoid loss of muscle mass and strength. The effect of drug rises when combined with HCG or after HCG treatment.

Medics use this drug in women’s gynecology as a stimulant of ovulation, to increase efficiency in the pregnancy occurs, etc. Clomid is also used by athletes as an agent releasing hormones. The manufacturer of Clomid “Merrell Dow Farma” says that this preparation was developed to improve the ovaries and the diencephalon.  Thus, the drug helps men to improve the work of testes and diencephalon. Clomid also activates reflex arc hypothalamus-pituitary-testes. The number of blood hormones such as luteinizing hormone and follicle-stimulating hormone increases during the therapy.

The use of clomiphene citrate is advisable in cases when the level of testosterone is low due to the excessive androgen steroid. Clomid restores hormone levels in the body in 2 weeks. Therefore, Clomid is used only after the cessation of steroids. Timely initiation of Clomid normalizes testosterone production and minimizes the loss of muscle mass and strength.  Such systemic treatment leads to the effect of the order of the reflex arc and increases the power of the luteinizing hormone. As a result of the drugs increased the level of testosterone in the blood stimulates the action of testicular germ cells.

Be aware of the side effects which include menopausal sweats, blurred vision, community vision, blurred images.  Women can suffer from increased ovaries which may be accompanied by pain.

Nowadays it is so easy to buy Clomid online. But be careful – self-treatment can lead to poor ending.  A doctor should prescribe you the dosage. He takes into account your condition and results of analyses. Never make experiments on your health.

Want some more information about Clomid online and facts in them? Enjoy reading and make up your own decisions about Clomid.

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