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What to Consider When Buying Microwave Oven?

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 First let us understand what a microwave oven is and why we need it. A microwave oven works on the principle of electromagnetic waves, the very same waves that is used in your mobile phones, internet connections and brings your favorite television program to your living room! But there are few differences and the primary among those is very little time required to get the food done. A microwave oven is now a common accessory in every Indian home because it subtracts several minutes from the process of preparing food in the traditional method.
Can Microwaves Replace Stoves?
Apparently, a microwave oven will never replace a cooking stove and we know why. Indian recipes are starkly different from European cuisine. We Indians love to stir it, taste it smell it and keep adding things to the cooking pot at intervals to achieve that distinct Indian flavour in our foods. Unfortunately, a microwave oven is not made for such activities.
But, all said and done, most Indian kitchens are acquiring a talent for Continental cuisine, particularly Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese dishes find more space on an upscale dining table. Thanks to their health advantages, these are becoming quite popular among the masses. Cooking continental in a microwave is a breeze and if you like more of Italian pasta and heat pizzas for breakfast, lunch and dinner you must buy a microwave oven.
Speaking of heating cold food, you can save hours of your precious time by stashing food in the refrigerator and heating it later whenever you or anyone in the house is hungry!

Not Sure About the Size?
If you have been reading American microwave buying guides all this while, you must have seen size mentioned in cubic feet and all, which confuses most of us! The size starts from 13 litres and can be as big as 35 litres. We would put the average size to 25 litres. But how would you know what size is right for you?
For a small family with about 5 members in it, 30 litres would be a good guess. If you run a restaurant or your family is grand sized, then you need some as big as 56 litres!
 We like the way LG emphasizes on features and looks. We Indians are particular about what we put in our kitchens and LG’s products are just perfect. They have the looks and they have the latest features that should let you do everything from cooking Italian to making popcorn.


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  • Posted On July 29, 2012
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