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What to Know About Filing a Workplace Accident Claim

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It is unfortunate, but nearly half of all accidents occur at the workplace. When seeking Personal Injury Solicitors Manchester residents who have been injured at work have options. Before selecting personal injury solicitors, Manchester residents should get as much information as possible. The old saying that information is power still hold true.

One reason it is so important to have as much information as possible when choosing personal injury solicitors is because it can often be difficult for employees to bring a claim for compensation if injuries at the workplace have been sustained. Many employees are afraid that they may suffer repercussions if they file a claim for their injuries. When selecting personal injury solicitors, Manchester workers should keep in mind that under UK law all employers are obliged to have Employer’s Liability Insurance. This insurance is used to cover employers should one of their employees be injured in the workplace. Also, employees should understand that legal action can be taken against employers who discriminate against employees simply because they are pursuing a legitimate compensation claim for accident injuries against them.

The fact is, in the UK, there is a growing body of laws with which employers must comply with or risk both criminal and civil prosecution. Personal injury solicitors in Manchester can explain these new laws to you if needed. Again, having as much information as possible is often key to success.

For those seeking personal injury solicitors Manchester injured workers should first understand that one of the most practical steps to take is to apply for their statutory sick pay if they are going to be off work for a period of time. These payments can be made for up as many as 28 weeks. If they employee is still not able to work after six months, he or she should consider making a claim for long-term invalidity or disablement benefits. Some employees may also have certain contractual payments that they may be entitled to as well.

It is also important to ensure that your accident is noted in the firm’s accident record book which is required by law if the firm has more than 10 employees. Should you discover that there is no record book, or that no one has made a note of the incident, you should advise your employer in writing as to what happened during the accident as well as inform the employer of the injuries you have suffered.

Generally speaking, those injured at work will have to that the employer caused the injury because of their failure to take reasonable care to prevent such injuries. Keep in mind that there are different standards for employees, sub-contractors and visitors to the premises.

The employer must show that they provided a safe way for you to carry out your work, and that they provided safe premises in which to work. They must also provide evidence that they had available suitable materials and equipment, plus training and supervision in how to use them.

By understanding the above, those seeking personal injury solicitors in Manchester can make the most informed decision as to who to hire and to work with when filing a claim.

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