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What You Have To Notice About Electrical Panel

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An Electrical Panel may be termed as an enclosure in the power distribution system that houses a number of discrete electrical circuits along with various protection devices such as fuses and circuit breakers. Installed in a cutout box or a cabinet, Electrical Panels are used to control and maintain efficient power distribution in a building. Electrical Panels play a significant role in the power distribution system. Therefore, you must be aware about basic principles regarding an Electrical Panel.

Electric Panels: Things To Watch Out For

The function of the Electric Panel is to maintain adequate electrical supply as per the demand of the load. At the same time, cost effectiveness and safety are the parameters for weighing usefulness of an Electric Panel. In order to ensure maximum efficiency, you need to be careful about three aspects namely selection, design and the installation of Electric Panels.

Some of the basic principles that need to be kept in mind while selecting an Electrical Panel can be summed as follows:

  • An Electric Panel is a complex structure of a wider variety of components. You need to be ensured about the uninterrupted functioning of each of the component. Make it a point to see that the parts meet the established standards of quality and performance.
  • How much load can the Electric Panel support? This is a relevant question to be asked to the Electric Panel Manufacturer.
  • Is the Electrical Panel energy efficient? There are several models of Electrical Panels available in the market. You must go for the one that is perfect in terms of energy efficiency.
  • Quality and continuity of power supply is yet another important criterion for the selection as you would not want random snags in your power distribution system.
  • Safety is the prime concern. You need to ensure that the can or the enclosures used in Electrical Panels are made of galvanized steel and can be grounded for damage control in case of short circuit. There should be no compromise with the quality of fuse and circuit breaker devices.
  • Check for distribution and utilization voltages.
  • Besides, installation methods, characteristics of loads, etc. must be reviewed before buying the Electrical Panels.


The aforementioned information will certainly benefit you in getting the right Electrical Panel for your building.



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