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What you Should Know about Laser Eye Surgery Limerick

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Laser eye surgery Limerick is an out-patient procedure that has helped alleviate eye problems such as myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism. In this eye surgery the doctor reshapes the cornea with a laser to correct the vision problem. Before going to the Laser eye clinic Limerick there are some things one needs to be aware about.

It is very important to do some research and talk to people who have had the procedure done in order to be aware of the steps involved in laser eye treatment Limerick. It is also important to discuss it with your family doctor or optician who can recommend a reliable laser eye clinic Limerick and surgeon. This is because your family doctor and optician have worked with you for sometime and he/she is therefore in a better position to give reliable advice. After you talk with these specialists, you will need to consider the full implication of the laser eye surgery Limerick before you proceed.

It is important to know that not everyone is a candidate for laser eye surgery Limerick. There are people who absolutely cannot have this procedure done and they include those: Under 18 years, with thin corneas, with strong prescriptions, who are pregnant, have large pupils bigger than 7 mm and those with uncontrolled vascular diseases, autoimmune diseases or a history of certain eye diseases like optic nerve damage, severe dry eyes, cataracts or thinning or abnormally shaped corneas.

To eliminate any of these problems it is important to go for an assessment appointment at the laser eye clinic Limerick. This is because some of the problems which may pose problems for the laser eye treatment Limerick cannot be easily detected by the patients and only a surgeon can know.
Patients have to consider how they will pay for the Laser eye surgery Limerick as it is relatively expensive and it is usually not covered by the public health service or many health insurers. It is important to set some money aside to cover all the expenses involved in the eye surgery procedure from pre-operative to post operative stage. You can visit the laser eye clinic Limerick and a surgeon to find out the exact amount of money you will need to spend. Put aside some extra money for in case of complications which will require you visit the surgeon for more appointments.

Some patients can get some eye infections after the laser eye treatment Limerick which can cause a lot of discomfort and as a result delay healing. Although this infection is very rare, it is important to go to the laser eye clinic Limerick immediately you suspect you have developed an infection. This is because if this infection goes unchecked it may cause cornea scarring or a severe or permanent loss of vision altogether.

Patients need to know that the laser eye treatment Limerick does not absolve them of taking care of their eyes. Even after this procedure one needs to continue taking proper care of the eyes which includes wearing shades when they are out in the bright sun or spending too much time on the computer..

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