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What You Should Know About The iPhone 3GS Smart Phone Before Buying

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A very versatile smart phone, the Apple iPhone 3GS is affordable with lots of bells and whistles. When this smartphone first came out, it was advanced compared to most others. New releases in the smart phone arena such as iPhone 4 has overshadowed this particular model. Now a much lower price, the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone is affordable, which usually happens with the release of the next iPhone.

As phone technology continues to increase, smart phones are capable of doing much more than simply allowing you to call other people. The GPS system that is installed on the iPhone 3GS Smart Phone makes it very handy. GPS units that are in cars are very useful, yet you should also have one with you in case you are trying to find your way in a metropolitan area while walking. To find your way around, download the Maps & Compass app for your phone so you always have it handy. You will be able to find North just like an old-fashioned compass. This application has something called “Maps” to help you find places you might be interested in visiting. You can locate anything from restaurants to hotels by just typing in the word and it will present the ones nearest you.

The cost of smart phones has been one obstacle for many people. Before you buy any smartphone, you must consider the price and whether or not it justifies getting a full-featured phone. Right now, however, you can get an iPhone 3GS smart phone for $49, which is considerably less than what you’d normally pay for any kind of smart phone. A two-year contract is required to get an iPhone 3G at this price from AT&T.

Getting this phone for 49 bucks, with only a two-year contract, is quite a bargain for an iPhone 3GS. Basically, if you want to have a mobile phone, more than likely you’re going to have to sign-up for a contract and in this case, it’s not a bad deal.

The question that you might be considering is whether or not you should wait for the iPhone 5, get the already available iPhone 4, or get the cheaper iPhone 3GS right now.

This is something you have to answer for yourself, but it really comes down to how you’re going to be using your phone. Most of the time, people will buy electronic merchandise that is way too advanced for them in the first place. Many features that are improved in these later years include faster Internet speed and the ability to take high-resolution images. With the more advanced iPhone’s, and not the iPhone 3GS, you can actually make video phone calls. In the world of gadgets and technological gizmos, the iPhone 3GS smartphone is quite old even though it is has only been around for a couple of years. Yet it can still do most of the things that you want in a smart phone, such as surfing the web, taking photos and videos etc. Available at a bargain price, the iPhone 3GS smartphone is still a very advanced device that has lots of features you’ll love.

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