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What’s Remy Hair?

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What is remy hair happen to be around for a while but happen to be produced well-known by celebrities sporting wigs and weaves in their different music videos and Television appearances in recent occasions. Due to the world wide web, curious fans (and non fans alike) can Google what sort of hair extensions a celebrity is wearing, or debate whether or not the mentioned celebrity is wearing extensions, a wig or if it is their actual hair.

Human hair extensions were an accessory only offered to wealthy celebrities and Hollywood actors until recently exactly where there has been an explosion within the quantity of outlets promoting variations in the term “Remy Indian hair”, “100% Remy Human hair” and so forth. Once again due to the net, each retailer selling hair extensions desires to make certain they may be utilizing the best “buzz” words to attract clients to their web sites or salons to get what is on supply. But what do these buzz words really mean and is there genuinely any strategy to verify the claims the retailer is making?

The word Remy has morphed into a synonymous term for top quality human hair. It originates from Indian temples where women, whose beauty is judged by the length of their hair, give their hair to the temple as an providing in thanks for one thing their deity has completed for them. They “remit” their hair to the temple, which sells it on and uses the proceeds for charity – feeding the hungry and homeless who take refuge in their shelters.

These ladies present themselves in the temple where the hair is tied in a ponytail and cut off, creating confident all the hairs are lying within the identical direction to steer clear of tangling. Virgin hair is thought of the top grade of hair extensions due to the fact it hasn’t been subjected to any harsh chemical processes and has it really is cuticle intact. This can be what the term “cuticle correct” implies. Bleached, dyed or permed hair is no longer deemed to become virgin or cuticle correct. Other critical terms to become conscious of are “single drawn” and “double drawn”.

Single drawn signifies the weft, or bulk hair (ponytail) is from only one particular donor. Double drawn alternatively ought to mean two donors, but I suspect it just signifies numerous donors. Double drawn hair has a higher tendency to tangle than single drawn hair due to the fact the cuticles from the multiple donors run in different directions. Single drawn hair could be the more costly with the two. Virgin single drawn extensions are the top top quality of human hair accessible out there. Non-virgin hair can also be single drawn or double drawn.

You’ll find other non-Remy Indian hair extensions offered. These are of a significantly lower grade than Remy hair simply because they are typically created out of discarded hair from hair brushes, or rubbish bins. They are washed, sorted and coated in silicon to produce them shine ahead of getting sold on.

Chinese, Brazilian, and Peruvian hair cannot be called Remy since they are not sourced from temples. The term seems to become utilized interchangeably with human hair by people that do not really know what it’s, further adding for the confusion more than its which means. If the hair isn’t from an Indian temple, it really is not Remy Hair .This is not to say the hair can’t be excellent top quality cuticle right hair.


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