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When They Cry – A Must Watch Anime Series

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Have you heard of cosplay? This is a kind of performance art in which individuals don costumes and accessories of their favorite anime character. In fact a lot of people do the same for Halloween parties as well. There is something so intriguing and addicting about anime series that can make people fall completely in love with them. Every once in a while, you might come across an anime series that completely alters your perception of entertainment and recreation and ‘When they cry’ is one of them. One of the best ways in which these can be enjoyed is via a When they cry DVD.

The actual name of this series is Higurashi when they cry, however it is also known as ‘when they cry’ in short. Because it is a murder mystery it is highly recommended and the plot of this anime revolves around the main protagonist Keiichi. He is a young boy who moved into a new place called Hinamizawa along with his family. There are six other main characters in the anime and having been directed by Chiaki Kon, this anime series is truly an enjoyable and addictive. Purchasing a When they cry DVD would be a good way to watch the wonderful animation series and appreciate it fully.

Keiichi’s life unfolds as a student in When they cry when he being a social butterfly makes friends with Satoko, Rika, Mion and Rena who are his classmates. All seems to be well and fine in Hinamizawa but the anime is not about a simple and peaceful rural life. The protagonist soon discovers the dark history of the village and he delves deeper into the mystery. This anime series is highly intriguing and it is considered to be one of those anime series which one can simply not put down after one has embarked upon it. To verify this getting a When they cry DVD and watching it is the best way.

When you start watching the When they cry DVD you will realize that this isn’t a typical high school drama or something about love and crush but it is maturity personified as also steeped in mystery. When they cry is definitely a must watch if you enjoy suspense, horror and drama as all these ingredients have been utilized to the fullest in it. The first season of this anime series is all about laying the groundwork and creating questions in the minds of viewers. It is not until the end of the second season that each and every question is answered and the mysteries are solved. 

Although When they cry has a cast comprising of only one boy and several girls, it is nothing like the usual romance anime. While this series is lighthearted at times, but even in those times it still manages to retain its basic mature outlook which is reflected in its characters. The series is also driven by extremes of light and dark moments. Even the soundtrack of the series alternates between cold and frenetic, which is something that works for this series. Thus, When they cry DVD is a good investment because you will have great fun watching it.

Loyal fans of When they cry swear by the fact that this is the ultimate anime series and it is completely bereft of facts. Therefore if there was only one anime DVD which you could buy then you should go for When they cry DVD. This anime series has a thrilling plot, interesting characters and good soundtrack, which makes it a complete entertainment package. If you enjoy horror or psychological thriller mystery then this one is definitely recommended for you. Just grab a bucket of popcorn and a DVD of this anime and have a great time being enthralled by it.

For those who consider cosplay to be an ultimate entertainment option, the series when they cry is like a God-send. It has all the typical ingredients of high drama mixed with a liberal dose of maturity and all this can be enjoyed by procuring a when they cry DVD.


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