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When yoga meets Capoeira

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Yoga has been around for really long time and has evolved and transform greatly over the years to meet the demands of the general public. It’s no longer just about breathing, stretching and posing anymore. If you like to shake your chakras to Shakira, there’s Pop yoga. If you prefer a more cardio based yoga, you can try boot camp-based yoga classes. So fusing yoga and capoeira comes at no surprise, in fact I think it is a combination that comes most naturally ultimately.

This fusion yoga class is created by Carlos Rodriguez who teaches his signature style at Equinox and Pure Yoga. This full body workout is a combination of yoga, modern dance and Capoeira. Therefore, alot of the moves were based on agility, balance and cadio. One does not need to know How to capoeira to starting learning this form of fusion yoga but it is a good start for those who are thinking of transiting from Yoga to Capoeira.

The movement of capoeira, circular in nature, makes the class designed to rapture you in it. The constant motion from capoeira, which bases all its movements on ginga (a foundation capoeira moves that keeps ou in constant motion), is great cardio as it keeps the heartrate up. If you keep at it for an hour, this form of fusion yoga can burn up to 800 calories an hour.

The fast paced class that combines capoeira moves with yoga moves maybe challenging at first, but it is incredible fun and excitement. Not to say it is a great workout that will leave you sore but feeling incredible.


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  • Posted On July 20, 2012
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