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When You Will need to Hire an Employment Attorney

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Being employed in an office setting has its own difficulties, but you need to draw the line when someone is beginning to violate your rights or abuse you. You must learn more about the laws and regulations concerning work, or have an employment attorney in california teach you about them. Here’s a listing of common offenses and circumstances these legal representatives tackle routinely.


Managers should not discriminate against staff members or potential staff members based on their race, sex, age, or another “protected” category. When your business employers treat you in a different way, refuse to promote you, deny you benefits, or fire you based on one or more of these categories, you can actually file a suit against them. These protected categories include:

- Race or color
- Religious beliefs
- Gender/Sex
- Nationality
- Sexual orientation – There are no national legislation prohibiting discrimination towards sexual orientation, however it violates the California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA).
- Age – This is only applicable to staff members aged forty years or older.
- Disability – Employers can only refuse to employ a someone based on disability if the disability makes them unable to get the job done.

Sexual Harassment

This is the most frequent instance of employee rights offenses a Los Angeles employment law attorney handles. Any time a worker is the prey of undesired sexual advances, regardless of the employee’s or employer’s sex, he or she can work with an attorney to file a sexual harassment lawsuit. There are two general forms of sexual harassment:

- Unwelcome sexual conduct – This is conduct of a sexual nature severe enough to make the office environment uncomfortable for the worker. Good examples of this kind of conduct include making unnecessary sexual remarks, inappropriate touching, and showing sexual pictures or videos.
- Quid pro quo harassment – This type of harassment entails the supervisor bestowing specific rewards on a worker who gives in to his / her sexual advances. Threats to fire a worker if he or she declines an employer’s advances also fit into this category.

Troubles with Salary and Working hours

There are several laws enforcing the appropriate compensation and working hours for employees. Pressuring personnel to work overtime with no compensation, neglecting to pay them at least the minimum wage, waiving employees’ break times, and neglecting to offer vacation pay are just a couple of instances of wage and hour offenses.

Finding a qualified and experienced employment litigation attorney in California is necessary if you’re presently experiencing any one of the troubles listed above. If you are unsure if what’s been occurring in your business office is a violation of your rights as an employee, an attorney specializing in employment laws might help you evaluate your situation and find out if calls for a case.

Occasionally you aren’t the only person suffering from these work environment issues. Hiring an employment class action lawyer may be ideal if a minimum of 40 other employees have the same problems. Attorneys specializing in class actions can assist you create a solid lawsuit utilizing your and the other employees’ testimonies.

Charlie Connor successfully won a case with the help of an employment attorney and a california employment attorney.


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