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Where is the Future Outlet for Windows Phone 7

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Windows Phone 7 is in danger. According to the latest data, the platform’s global market share is only 1.5%, while its main rival Android has won over 50% shares. At the same time, all major handset manufacturers have launched Windows Phone 7 handset and have also failed to challenge Apple. Microsoft is patiently waiting for the situation changed.

But there is still no change. Perhaps before Microsoft vigorously improved its position in the mobile market, this will never happen in any way. To do this might not be easy. Windows Phone 7 is widely regarded as a laughing stock by consumers, is only a very reluctant platform. Feels just like Microsoft had left the operating system in a corner, let it languish.

1, simplifying the upgrade process

Google Android system will be upgraded each year, but it is unable to enable manufacturers to deploy these new upgrades in a timely manner. Mango although initially made a few mistakes, can now publish updates in a timely manner. In 2012, Microsoft should continue to introduce a system to update and simplify the upgrade process.

2, take into account the Tablet

Microsoft has really said Windows 8 will become the company’s tablet computer operating systems. Windows Phone 7 also is perfectly feasible for the smaller devices. This product seems to be between 5 and 7-inch ideal platform for handheld devices. Through a number of improvements, perhaps could be a good choice for business users. Tablet is the next frontier of mobile operating systems vendors, bypassing the market certainly is a big mistake. For an example, Windows Phone 7 can try to solve the problem that the Apple ipad has left, we all know that ipad only support mov file and mp4 format, other common videos can not played on it, if you want to play them on ipad, the best way is to dvd to ipad mac converter.

3, build similar to Nexus’s strategy

Google made a wise decision: through the Nexus brand, it has launched a number of high quality Android Smartphone. Although this company has not independently developed Smartphone, it still played an important role, it is very important. Google is a big brand, is well received by consumers and business users. Maybe Microsoft should follow such a move, with hardware partners to develop products similar to the Nexus.

4, be close to operators

Microsoft did not establish a good relationship with operators last year. The company has been working hard to sell hardware vendors Windows Phone 7 platform, but promotion was borne by the operators. When Microsoft will learn: sooner to help operators, lifted sales are more quickly?

5, meet the needs of developers

The developers are essential links for Windows Phone 7. If Microsoft is able to find ways to attract Android developers to Windows Phone 7 platform, the probability of success of this system will be increased significantly. To attract developers, you need to provide more attractive profit sharing model. Microsoft has the cash, it’s time to take this to improve its position in the market. What is more, Windows Phone 7 also need to meet the customers, now the 3D technology is more and more popular, so if Windows Phone 7 uses 3D technology, such as we can play 3D video on Smartphone by using a 2d to 3d converter, so it has a obvious advantage than other Smartphones.

6, use the Windows brand

Microsoft Windows Mobile was renamed as Windows Phone 7, which was a very strange decision. Windows is a well-known brand, so you should take advantage of it. In 2012, Microsoft should be focused first half of the system name, that is, Windows, and demonstrate its links with the Windows 8 platform. If you can do this, they may enhance the overall sales of Windows Phone 7.

7, remains closed

Microsoft also guarantees not to panick. Microsoft must not open the source code of Windows Phone 7. Attraction precisely is stems from a closed part of the system, which allows Microsoft to like Apple firmly in control of the system. Keeping the closed status of Windows Phone 7 is a wise move.


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