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Where to Buy a Nomex 27/p Flight Suit

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Nomex flight suits are an essential part of uniforms for military pilots and others who work in the aviation field. Because Nomex is such a high quality material, people often wonder where they are able to purchase a Nomex 27/p flight suit. This particular flight suit meets all the standards of the U.S. military and can be purchased online from several retailers. However, consumers should be cautious as there are many companies and manufactures who claim to produce the Nomex 27/p flight suit, but they actually are making replicas. A Nomex 27/p flight suit replica may not even be made of the Nomex material at all. Furthermore, it does not line up with the military’s standards for pilot gear.

If you a looking to purchase a Nomex 27/p flight suit, be sure to do some thorough research prior to buying one from any company that you haven’t purchased one from in the past. When doing this research, it is best to ask around to find out which companies that your military friends and colleagues use. Recommendations from people you know are a good sign that the company is legit and that they produce authentic Nomex 27/p flight suits.

Once you find a company who you are considering purchasing a Nomex 27/p flight suit from, you should go to their website and take a look at the testimonials from their former customers. You can also look at reviews on google which aren’t censored by companies like the reviews on their websites.

You should also look on their website to see if they have a statement suggesting that their flight suits meet military standards. While this isn’t necessary for regular pilots, this is an extremely important factor for those who are part of the military flight crew. If the flight suits do not meet military standards, then that is often a sign that it is not an authentic Nomex 27/p flight suit but rather a replica.

Another thing to research before purchasing a flight suit, is the quality of the suits. As stated earlier, Nomex is a high quality material; therefore, it is safe to say that pretty much any flight suit made of Nomex is quality. Be sure that the manufacturer has a history of producing quality products, including gear and apparel apart from the flight suit.

Once you finish conducting your independent research, if you still have questions regarding quality, sizing, shipping, etc., you may what to consider contacting a representative of the company directly. Ultimately, if you are a member of the military flight crew or involved in any other industry related to aviation, a Nomex 27/p flight suit is a must-have item.


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