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Who bethink those smile and youth

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In a bleak afternoon sky, I and an old friend chat, I know him, that year in order to pursue a young girl and done many gear grinding unforgettable things, almost his whole throughout high school, more important than the university entrance exam. When we got off the late occasionally itself, the buy a bottle of beer to drink on the sports ground, he and I said this the worse thing mood drink and drink the faster, the results can be quickly he always blow over, and I almost didn’t drink clean basic. Later he had a frustrated the university entrance exam, the rules go home after graduation from university made an office worker, according to what he said, just found a good girlfriend. Not, of course, that Asics Onitsuka Tiger those years he overtake girl. As far as I know, that girl also has been very good.
He knows I that time also overtake a girl’s many years of time, I say very ashamed to that girl is now I go somewhere all don’t know, shenzhen or xiamen or fuzhou, a word is not seen years are fuzzy, ‘more and more thoughts from her. I said in fact then grew up know, and she is not suitable for, the mind will always keep in change, people can’t entered the same river in, all the rather for so many years.
I and the friends besides have in common is that we are all 23 years old, to the age of the people, love has gone from luxury to transition necessities, typical findings is that more and more stand don’t live alone, more and more can’t accept the long wait, the more and more easy to a people on the computer screen stunned for a long Asics Kayano 17 time, more and more easy to recall the past sparks, and the lost generation of reality and to love for the brilliant mix together, produce a kind of hard to narration of anxiety, exhaustion and empty.
Some time ago I hair like mental illness when talking with others like suddenly come to 1: life is not easy. And then there are several people will quickly learn to it, and will continue to put its copy paste, life was not easy.
There are two truth forever, is it not a luxury to necessities of a beautiful, the other is a luxury goods will be become necessities. So life is a changed appearance, a was typical of the appearance of hatred, and the rest did not want to do, the only to do. This feeling a bit like playing poker to fifth CARDS when feeling, all the decisions were have already finished, variable has tried, and the rest is up to the fate. Is not looking for personal life feeling, as if waiting to stand out, is not a pile of chip win or lose two results.
Shipwreck once was water, but the sorcery mountain isn’t cloud. So, I don’t know how many people and hear I said, the time they just perhaps brokenhearted, or it has been a long single life. It was at the time of them, and then everyone’s life are changed, find the journey of after partner, probably, also do not have so much coming together always ups and downs. Moving forward life, life alone and change is real, and the biggest is real, we never did like love each other, and unfortunately, we also have been well.
Six years ago of the movie “Summer Palace”, in fact is not how a ups and downs of the love story, still moved many people’s heart. Remove HaoLei firm two a ponytail, spotlessly clean outside smile, the film’s most people hardly forget is that the second half of life PuXu desperate. The 1989 story later, [Ames and ZhouWeiCong Beijing leave, her back to his hometown, he far go to study in Germany. History, like a stop to do not come down Cheap Asics gear, push forward through time, forty years of the Berlin wall collapsed in overnight, eighty years of the Soviet union in a few days pass away with collapse, in one hundred the British people return to Hong Kong has a five thousand-year history of China, ZhouWei in Germany on the bus in a daze, [Ames, on the train in China in a daze, individual small as a grain of sand stone in times of change under find it anywhere, whether happiness or sadness extremely and silence, only time moving forward. Movie clip background music is the history of the panthers band DO NOT BREAK MY HEART, don’t make me sad, but who can and can NOT make me sad, I can’t stop the passage of time working, I can’t stop the story of the past in the memory faded from color into black and white picture moment, I can’t stop your love is like the fingers to water flow, finally, who remember the smile?
Once I and the Summer Palace in the prototype of male leading role ZhouWei in Paris eating meals, movie he went to Germany is, in fact, is to the French. And the movie is different, after he went abroad for political reasons will never return, he said those who are already so that long ago. It’s too difficult to recall. The past time left in the memory of the past, become the past. The past can be remembered, but it is anbojk ljy 2012-7-12 has not true. But life is real, and he came to the French do after actor, is married to a Japanese wife, now doing a lot of things, is also very good.
Film of the characters in life can only have a story, but the reality of life can have tons of story. Although, only the last story is true. The story before, then in time the water flowing shape the bleaching, like dream also unreal, time has changed a lot, and nothing. We finally did little to love each other for ever, and this is the real story, and not a romantic relationship.
I still think of DuLaSi “lover” the end of the memory of her in the possession of the youth Chinese man in her old one day came to Paris, he call her, he said he just want to hear his voice, his voice trembling, he and she said, he as always in love with her, and that in a year when they sai kung, his love for her, until death do us part. But, he came to Paris, side with his wife, and the hero of the novel the beautiful girl, and then also had my own for marriage. They two finally also no see, this is the only sure thing.
Water it away the story of time change Asics Onitsuka Tiger Mexico Baja 66 us, we finally fell in love with the other people, but also love the most, I wish we had a very good, this is probably the best story end.


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