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Who is a Website Developer and What Work Does a Website Developer Do?

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A website developer is an individual or a company that specializes in building up of the World Wide Web applications. Another way of describing the work of website developers is saying that they work distributed network applications that are managed over HTTP and go from a web server to a web browser.

A website developer can be seen in a multitude of places, building all kinds of applications, from corporations to government agencies, and from small and medium sized companies to those working independently as freelancers.

What, you might ask, is the nature of the work performed by these website developers? To understand the nature of the work, you will have to know a little about the technology of the web. Most contemporary web applications have three or even more tiers, depending on the nature and size of the job and hence, of the team. Some web developers may work on the technologies sent to the client, such as JavaScript, HTML, or CSS. Web developers might also be working on technologies related to the server, such as Python, Perl, .ASP, Java or .NET. Alternatively, a web developer might even find himself or herself working on the interaction between various aspects of the technology, such as the server-side framework, the web server and the database system.

If the organization that the website developer is working in is small or medium sized or if the website developer is working freelance, he or she might even have to coordinate or sometimes, carry out the functions of the content creator or writer, the web producer, project manager, software architect, database administrator or others.

So what are the educational qualifications that a successful website developer needs to have? While there are no hard and fast qualifications that a website developer must have, it is good for the aspiring website developer to have knowledge or at least a working knowledge of HTML or XHTML, CSS or JavaScript. It also helps if those working as website developers understand the layout of server/client architecture and programming and coding in at least one of server-side frameworks.

All in all, the website developers’ job is bound to be easier and more productive the more skilled and knowledgeable he or she is and the more roles he or she is able to juggle with ease.

Needless to say, website developers are bound to be in great demand in the years to come as the Net becomes more and more complex and more user friendly. As the web grows, so will the demand of the Web Developer Melbourne and so will their pay packets and perks. Web development is definitely the place to be if you like technology and work well in teams. Consider this as an option in the fast moving web environment of today. Chances are, you will never be out of work. Moreover, this industry is completely recession proof and open to a wide number of work options.

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