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Why Are You Trying To Live A Life Of Writing

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This is the questions all writers, who really want to write as a career face, why live a life of writing? Why call it that? By this it means when you are writing is this something you love to do? In every person or writers’ life they can all point to a passion, something that they love doing something that makes them want to do this for the rest of their lives. In fact this is what they do “for a living.” On the other hand, do you write as a passion and hope that it will be come something you want to make a career on? Would being a writer make you happy, even if it meant less money?
Writing grows with the writer and as a writer matures so does their writing. This can lead to more money in the long term where not only does the writer live off of what they write, they love the process of making a living by writing. There is no challenge that a writer can not face that they can not overcome when they live with writing and make it their passion. This is not to suggest that all writers will grow but to say that the writers who love what they do and love the art of writing will make an effort to improve their passion for writing and will allow where they write to grow with them. If they write blogs or online articles, writers who are living this life will seek to improve themselves over time.
To live a life of writing is something that really defines a passion a joy that all writers seem to share. Writing a blog is a natural extension of this. It is a part of writing, and should be a part of what every writer does to improve their goals and the passion they have for their work. Writing is something that writers live and are passionate about and that should be enjoyed. Of course publishing is all a part of writing, it is not the end as some might say, but it is a new beginning. I in fact say I publish on my blog every day, and it seems to grow with me. I suspect that like writing, publishing grows with the writer. That growth will help others see that you as a writer are more mature, but are also willing to grow as a writer.
So living a life of writing simply means the goal in your life is to write full-time and if your passion is writing then you focus your energies on writing. In my case I love writing, but I also love teaching, and in this way writing allows one to teach others, to show them the passion of writing and of publishing. It is a journey that every writer need to do, and needs to live. Enjoy your journey with living a life of writing. It is the best thing in the world.

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