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Why Art is Not Fashion

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Like fashion, art can be a trendy thing. Artist’s and genre’s have passed into and out of favor as often as hemlines. However, fashion designers often follow trends as often as set them.

Of course there are exceptions such as Valentino,whose red signature gowns never lost their touch of elegance; nor did they lose their classic principles. Valentino once stated “an evening gown revealing a woman’s ankle is absolutely revolting”. Enough said.

Art on the other hand is somewhat different. Artists rarely follow trends and in fact attempt to make themselves and their work utterly unique in style. Of course, once an artist has developed his unique style and has been noticed and purchased, it is immediately copied by those of lesser talent. And if it actually generates mass appeal, well then, it becomes mass produced via prints, etc.

It was no different in the time of Van Gogh, albeit there were no computers to replicate an image and send it virally across the internet. And therein is the rub, isn’t it? If you truly want your fundraiser or other notable event to be original, you cannot rely on stock photos from an online bin, can you? The difficulty is finding an artist representative, communicating what you want (if you know), and hoping they can produce that special image for you. At least, it was difficult until now.

Illustration, LTD has been around and representing artists since 1929. The distribution has changed and so has the means of creation, but the way an artist is commissioned has remained relatively unchanged since that time. However, Illustration, LTD has created a way to make it easy to find your artist and develop that unique image that is yours alone.

Their website ( highlights all of the artists that they represent and it is substantial. And they make it easy for you to find the look and feel that you want.

The website is quite simple in its design with two tabs clear visible at the top of the page marked “Styles” and “Illustrators”. Simply click on either one of these tabs and begin browsing the work. Once you find a style or an artist you like, you can easily save that artist to your “lightbox”, which is the term used on the site for your reference files. Once you have made a decision, you can contact the artist through the site and begin to negotiate the fees of the artist.

Something to keep in mind when negotiating fees, is that you are most likely only going to be licensing the work. Yes, you read that correctly. In the digital age, it is not as if you are going to take the electronic file home with you and hang it on your wall. A real painting cannot easily be reproduced, but a digital image can. The artist will be concerned about the ongoing usage of the image and will incorporate it into the fees. Be that as it may, everything is still negotiable and you should be prepared for ongoing usage to present itself.

In a way, it’s a good thing. You can have temporary uniqueness until your next event and then like David Bowie, simply reinvent yourself with another commission. You can still use the unique style of the artist again and again to interpret you and your event.

On the other hand, you can be like Chateau Mouton Rothschild of Bordeaux. Every year since its inception, a different artist has been commissioned to create the label. In this way, your art will always be refreshingly fashionable.

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  • Posted On May 31, 2012
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