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Why Buy Second Hand Laser Printers ?

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A product cannot adorn itself with the ‘recycled’ tag unless it qualifies by the guidelines set by government and environment watchdogs of Australia. The case is similar across the globe; a product cannot be called recycled or recyclable just because the producer or the seller chooses to call it so.
 A seller or producer risks inviting the charge of misrepresenting or misleading the consumer by tagging a product ‘environment-friendly’ for which it does not qualify. We have evoked the discussion with a special attention towards printers, second hand laser printers to be accurate.
Second Hand Laser Printers
Recycled printers are taken straight out of the waste stream, much before it actually begins its second phase from the first customer to the garbage dump!Second hand laser printers can be recycled or re-manufactured to add another 5 to 6 years to its life span. The process is childishly simple, yet very effective and truly commendable because it decreases the costs of acquiring a brand new laser printer or defer it for at least half a decade.
Common Causes of Dumping Laser Printers !
In offices across Australia, laser printers are discarded for the lack of proper service or maintenance. It might surprise you, but on an average, 6 to 10 years are wasted because offices or organizations do not care to subscribe for a laser printer service agreement.
Later, simple problems such toner dampness, lump in the toner, repairable problems with the blades or developer roller cause offices to give up trusty laser printers for new units.
Why Buy Second Hand Laser Printers ?
You must have gathered by now that old laser printers are easily repairable or at least re-manufactured to bolster its service and add several years to it. Doing this not only lowers your product acquiring cost but also lets you do your bit towards the environment. A new products fresh off the shelves stresses the fragile ecosystem. A new product is the cause behind:
1.      air and water pollution
2.      depreciation in natural resources
3.      waste of energy
4.      emission of greenhouse gases during production
Whereas, if you buy second hand laser printers:
1.      you will help in creating new job opportunities
2.      conserve water, air and natural resources
3.      promote a sustainable lifestyle among your employees and competitors
4.      support the development of green and environment friendly techniques
The next time you see fuzzy prints, white lines or spots, do not throw the printer into the dumpster. Sign up for a service agreement. If you have to buy a replacement, think second hand printers!


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  • Posted On May 30, 2012
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