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Why download Firefox instead of other web browsers?

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Are you bothered about the slow and frequently-crashed web browser? Want to change it to another one? The competition between popular web browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer) is quite strong in these days, and it is a hard choice for Internet users to choose a suitable one.

According to many users’ experience, comprehensively speaking, Firefox is considered to be the most reliable browser at present. Let’s analyze its strong points after a quick Firefox download and installation.

Advantage 1: User friendly interface
Unlike Google chrome which removes menu bar totally, Firefox gives you the right to decide which shows in the interface. Besides the user friendly appearance, Firefox also allows you to customize the appearance on your own by changing themes and skins, making it more attractive.

Advantage 2: Fast webpage rendering
Open this page in Firefox, it will be quickly loaded due to the great hardware acceleration technology, using less of your computer’s memory, and saving you from the bad mood after a long loading delay.

Advantage 3: Secure browsing
Firefox makes two important security changes lately. It adopts Content Security Policy to block one of the most common types of browser threats, cross-site scripting attacks, thus enables sites to report the legitimate content to the browser when it is visited. Another security improvement is the use of HTTP Strict Transport Security, which lets Firefox automatically create a secure internet connection, preventing your log-in information from being intercepted.

Advantage 4: Rich add-ons
Firefox has plenty of free add-ons to enhance browser function and personalize browser appearance by adding extensions, themes and plug-ins to the browser. Plug-ins and Extensions are easily available by clicking Add-ons from Tools menu in menu bar.

Here are several practical extensions:
Google Browser Sync – allow users to sync configuration between computers through the Internet.
Google Web Accelerator- accelerate website loading
SeoQuake – quick review of website parameters in the search engine results pages.
Wiki dictionary – online translate words or whole webpage.
Adblocker plus – ward off unwanted pop up ads and other animated image ads.

After adding the add-ons, you are able to disable or remove them on a per-case basis.

These advantages make it valuable and hot to download Firefox, but it is not enough. Competition has forced Mozilla to put out better browser by constant updates. The latest version opens a New Tab that emulates nine most frequently visited sites for your convenience, and is able to sync your bookmarks, passwords, preferences, history, and tabs with Firefox installed on another computer.

Free download software from, where you can get 100% free browsers without any spyware, viruses, and other malware. Moreover, relevant and reliable news, information and updates about the software are also available timely.


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  • Posted On July 16, 2012
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