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Why Go For Stand Up Pouches?

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Stand Up Pouches have gained extreme popularity among consumers and retailers. Stand up pouches are printed pouches that are designed from thin laminated sheets. Their attractive appearance and strength makes them the best option for a wide range of products. Stand-Up Pouches have gained  tremendous popularity in the global market and are widely demanded.

Manufacturers of beverages or other food items are showing great interest in Stand Up Pouches because of their attractive designs and quality for convenient packing of liquids and loose materials. Stand Up Pouches have replaced plastic and aluminum cans and glass bottles because of their compactness, attractive design and cost-efficiency.

Stand Up Pouches Are Perfect For:
*Agricultural Products
*Automotive Oils
*Lubrication Oils
*Health supplements
*Bath salts
*Wine Packaging
*Cooking Oil
*Food Packaging

Features of A Good Stand Up Pouch:
*Attractive Design: As the name suggests, Stand Up Pouches have a gusset in W-shape at their bottom that makes them stand up and take less space on shelves.
*Good Quality: They are made of plastic or a blend of plastic and aluminum that imparts them the required strength to stay upright.
*Appropriate for food products: The stand up pouches are moisture resistant and are appropriate for food packaging.
*Leak Proof: They assist in safe handling of liquids because they prevent any kind of leakage.

Why Stand Up Pouches?
*Flexibility: Stand-Up Pouches are flexible pouches and facilitates in boosting sales.
*Light-Weight: Stand Up Pouches are light-weight, thus can be carried and transported easily.
*Attractive: Stand Up Pouches have an eye-catching appeal and can be printed in any colour or design.
*Safety: They are helpful in keeping the product safe. They also enable  food items to remain fresh for a longer period, as compared to the conventional method of packaging.
*Environmentally-Friendly: Stand Up Pouches are recyclable and reusable, thus possess a quality of being environment friendly.
*Easy to use: Stand Up Pouches have sliders and zippers, which make their usage much easier.
*Cost-Efficient: Stand Up Pouches are not very expensive and save the cost on carton & plastic bag packaging.
*Easy To Carry: Stand-Up Pouches are easy to carry and don’t take up much space.

With excellent features and low cost, Stand-Up Pouches have become popular with companies and consumers alike. Suitable for both dry and liquid products, these have replaced  conventional packaging materials.
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