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Why Good Rap Beats Matter

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Have you made your next mixtape yet? What type of beats did you use when you made your mixtape? Did you try to make them yourself? Did your home boy make your beats? Are They Banging? The only question you really need to answer out of all of those questions are is your beats banging? Cause If not you need to step your game up and invest in yourself and get some heat for your mixtape.

A lot of artist in todays world feel like they got enough skills to where they don’t need any banging instrumentals to back up their hot lyrics. While this might be true there is only one problem in todays world. And that is mumble rap. Mumble rap is unstoppable and rather if you like it or not that is what you are competing against. And majority of mumble rappers have some banging beats. Now am I telling you to sell your soul and go against what you believe in and turn into a mumble rapper if your not? No im not. But what im saying is that mumble rappers beats be having banging kicks, baselines, and snares. They can literally get on a track and mumble and steal the show from you. So what are you as a emcee to do about this? Step your game up and invest in some beats so people will listen to those hot verses that you have to offer. Is a good example of a site that you can get some good banging beats to back up your hot lyrics so you can stand out over the crowd. You can check his beats out here. So why should you go to his website and check out his beats. Because he will help you get your rap career going in the direction that It needs to go. His beats are also very reasonable.

What type of beats should you buy from Well there are 4 types of beat licenses that he provides. The first one is his basic Mp3 Non exclusive license. I say this is the best one that you should go with. And I don’t say that because its the cheapest, I say that because you can put a quick hit together with one of the beats and not break the pocket. Its good to start off with this type of beat from any beat site because you can make a quick song and see if your fan base likes your song. Not only that, But you can keep your fan base updated with new material often without breaking the bank. Then If your fan base likes your song then you should jump over and get the exclusive rights.

The wave non exclusive license I say is a waste of money because if you buy that you might as well pay the lil extra and get the WAV Trackout. That way you can arrange the beat to your style.

That pretty much sums it up. So get you some banging beats, Keep your fans updated with new content. And Watch The magic happen. And Don’t forget to check out Peace.

Producer that loves to make beats on & I also rap. If you are looking for some hot beats then click here.


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  • Posted On September 21, 2016
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