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Why I Love Diablo 3

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Pc gaming is a pastime practiced by many gamers around the globe, and because of this fact, there are literally thousands of computer games available to buy. Blizzard is one of the big boys when it comes to computer games, and today I will be talking to you about their newest release Diablo 3.

Anyone who plays games even slightly will have heard about Diablo. It is highly unlikely to not have done so. Diablo has been a staple in action-Role Playing Games and has been an inspiration to a lot of similar action games known as Diablo Clones (see Titan Quest). But what makes Diablo 3 unique? Easy, the combat and the treasures. Diablo 3 is a game where you log in and quickly get into the action, killing monsters and finding new treasure.

Let’s start off this review with speaking about the graphical aspect shall we. Diablo computer games are not famous for their graphics, but instead for their combat. With that being said, Diablo 3 does have pretty good looks but they quickly lose their appeal as soon as you zoom into your character. The spell visuals are great and are varied a lot between the different player classes, and there are a lot of monster variety.

Gameplay is where Diablo 3 really shines. Diablo 3 has some of the best action around, in any game period. It is a lot of fun when you get in a game with three other friends and just start smacking monsters like there is no tomorrow. Champions and Uniques can be great fun too, as some variations of them are harder than the actual end bosses. You see, Champions and Uniques are special demons that have abilities named “affixes”. These powers grant enemies special abilities like electrical dmg, bonus health, freeze, and many other things. Enemies start with 1 power and go up to a maximum of 5 in Inferno game-mode.

Treasure Goblins are a great addition to Diablo 3. The best way to summarize these creatures is “moving treasure chest” or “Piñata”. The reason for this is that Treasure Goblins appear randomly in dungeons and pose no threat to the party, but the party can choose to kill them for a reward. As soon as they are hit, the Treasure Goblins will start sprinting all over the map, dropping things as they go. If you manage to kill them they leave behind a big lot of useful loot. The downside is that if not killed before a certain time period, the Treasure Goblin will create a portal and escape.

The official description given by Blizzard for the Treasure Goblin is:
“He’ll randomly and rarely appear in dungeons, but when he does you’ll want to beat the candy out of him as he’ll drop progressively better loot with each hit. Don’t let him escape!”.

Many features have persisted from Diablo 2 such as equipment affixes, elite monster affixes, random loot, etc. In fact, Diablo 3 is a very luck favoured game. Magic and Rare loot randomly draw from a pool of affixes (aka magic properties) that dictate how strong and costly each item} is. Elite enemies also use this method to draw affixes for themselves, dictating how hard they are. What this translates to is that if you are unfortunate you could be left with really hard elites and very ineffective equipment!

The Auction House is another big addition in Diablo 3. It allows players to sell Drops that are bad for their class in order to buy drops that are good. There exists a gold auction house and a  RMAH. While I would never use the RMAH (I don’t feel anyone should have to shell out real money to master a game), it is a better alternative for players that fell for such acts in Diablo 2. At least the purchases are now secure!

If you are the type of gamer that enjoys computer games for their PvP (Player versus Player) aspect, you might want to wait before cashing in Diablo 3 as PvP is not included yet (as of writing this article). It should be released soon however.

Sound is amazing in Diablo 3. The speech is very professional and is voiced by well known voice actors such as Paul Eiding and Michael Gough. All text in Diablo 3 is voiced, even minor speech such as background chatter.

Overall I recommend the game to pretty much everyone who has ever loved games. It has everything you want and more, and you can increase your fun simply by playing with friends.

For more content regarding Diablo 3, please check my blog over at Diablo 3. We regularly update the website with news related to the game, guide reviews, patch notes, etc. If you want a quick boost when starting up the game you might be interested in this guide review: Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Review.


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