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Why mSecure is a Great Android Password Manager Option

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Information security is of the utmost importance in today’s world. More hackers than ever are working to compromise networks and steal sensitive information. Products like mSecure have arisen to meet the challange of keeping you data safe and secure. This mobile application is able to safely secure passwords and other data in the easiest way possible for users from an intuitive mobile interface.


The level of security used by this Android password manager is incredibly high. It utilizes 256 bit Blowfish Encryption, which has not been knowingly cracked by hackers. Should a hacker attempt to guess your master password to get into your password list, you have the option of setting up an automatic information self-destruct feature. The application also automatically locks when the user is done with it, which is perfect for keeping unwanted users out should the mobile device be stolen or misplaced.


In the past, wireless sync connections required that a firewall be opened up for information to be synced with other devices. This is no longer necessary with the mSecure password manager. All that is needed is a standard Internet connection that can be found anywhere. This is all done through Dropbox Cloud Sync. Using a public connection is not a security risk as the information is so well protected by the Security Everywhere feature of the app.


The organization capabilities that are available within the app are also very helpful to you. Data can be arranged into groups and sorted or searched by any value you may want to find. Favorite records can also be identified. Manually entering data into the application is a breeze. There are templates that have been specially designed to create the fastest data adding experience possible. You can even create your own custom templates for data entry.


A mobile app like mSecure must be easy-to-use. Many people have found mSecure to be efficient even on the smaller mobile screens.


mSecure Passwrod Manager and Digital Wallet is an exciting piece of technology for those looking for secure data and password storage anywhere. With mSecure, data can be accessed, entered, searched and synced with other computers effortlessly. The need for firewalls and additional security options is eliminated because of the Cloud sync architecture. mSecure support 256 bit encryption and advanced security features designed to keep hackers out and your data safe.


This is a great option for those looking for a secure and easy to use Android password manager.



About mSeven Software

Based in Portland, Oregon, mSeven Software has developed and supports mSecure and several other applications for the iOS, Android, Mac OS and Windows platforms. As a leader in the productivity category, mSeven Software operates on the principle that useful software is “made simple for everyday users.”

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