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Why Philippines is the Best Country for BPO and Internet Marketing

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Buying a computer? Call sales. Installing new software? Call Tech. Reserving a hotel room? Get in touch with a representative. Booking a flight? Yup, same answer.

From casual to business communication, dialing your phone will always gives you the answer. Contact center is one of the busiest industries in US as well as in other parts of the globe.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) is a practice of businesses which involves contracting a third-party service provider to function as partner in internal business like human resource, finance and anything that includes customer related services.

Why Philippines?

Philippines is taking over the BPO industry through evident economical statistics. Most of international companies found their place in the country to let their business grow with less expensive yet high quality outsourced services as well as considerable number of college graduates and low-cost operation.

And the best reason why Filipinos surpass other countries in this industry is because they are “Americanized”. This factor has positive and negative results.

However, in terms of career and business, it’s turning out to be more helpful to be Americanized. Almost all candidates are well-rounded with English language whether written or speech.

As proof, Everest Group calculated that the Philippines IT-BPO industry registered US$11 billion in 2011 on the back of successful expansion in services and increased geographic diversity. The sector is generating 640,000 direct jobs and another 1.5 million indirect jobs. Given the robust growth, the Philippines is likely to achieve its target of US$25 billion in revenues and generate 1.3 million direct by 2016 as per the IT-BPO Road Map 2016 developed by Everest Group.

Why Online Marketing?

Common BPO service is Call Center. However, there are more industries that can benefit from this practice.

With vast technology and competition in online market, Internet Marketing in the Philippines becomes one of the most outsourced services around the world.

If you’re business cannot be not found in the internet, you’re totally lost. That’s why more and more businesses need to get involved with Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Same as IT-BPO, non-voice services also attracts business to get local partnership in the country. Nearly 30% of the industry belongs to legal and analytics including digital marketing.
Foreign clients get Filipino-owned businesses as partner in providing top-of-the-line services dedicated to give results with honesty and transparency.


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