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Why Samsung 7100 is Suitable for Small and Medium Sized Companies

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Communication within a company setting is more than picking and making phone calls, it goes to the extent of sharing and accessing voice, video, fax and data. It is therefore important that the telephone a company makes use of supports these services and more. This is where Samsung 7100 comes in. It comes packaged with these features and affords you some level of flexibility that fits a small company. The 7100 officeServ range is endowed with a very secure data communication infrastructure with a very elaborate networking technology. Actually, Samsung 7100 supports as many as 32 extensions.

OfficeServ 7100’s architecture is modular which allows for cost-effective expansion. It can be upgraded to meet more company requirements as the need grows. This telephone system combines highly sophisticated data and voice connectivity and is therefore able to bring together the communication platforms as far as all business applications are concerned. Therefore, it meets all connectivity demands for single buildings, as well as linking of multiple sites.

Some of the main key benefits of using Samsung 7100 in a small or medium company setting include the following; it is location independent which provides a solution for both home and mobile working. This means that business runs as normal and you are able to ensure that employees are even more productive.

As mentioned afore, Samsung 7100 has a modular design which allows for efficient scaling. What this means is that it can be upgraded and grows in tandem with your business and therefore you can keep track of the initial investments.

There is no better way to manage and control costs than making use of Samsung 7100. You can be able to install and subsequently manage a number of remote sites within the confines of your office. You are able to receive security alerts and to adequately handle departmental billing.

When it comes to prospects of security, Samsung 7100’s security is enterprise class and comprises of integrated firewall as well as intrusion prevention. What’s more is that the 7100 officeServ can host the internet services of your company very securely with no fear of compromising the overall security.

Samsung 7100 provides the best solution for hot desking. This is especially so if your employees have to move from department to department within the office. With this telephone system employees can be able to enter individualized access codes hence move from desk to desk without any problem. They can even be able to input their personal features which include access to voicemails, speed dialing among other functions that are pre-programmed. If you have to move your staff around, you do not have to worry about losing control of communication since this is well catered for through hot desking. If you are looking to enhance and add value to the communication endeavors within your company, you can do so by acquiring wired as well as wireless Samsung 7100 which provides a perfect solution for both data and voice communication. It is designed with small and medium companies in mind.

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