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Why There’s a Need for Effective Dust Control in Mining

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As mining involves digging to the earth to extract various kinds of natural products, the process comes with creating a great amount of dust. It might not seem much of an issue, but prolonged exposure to dust particles do have adverse effects on a person’s health. This is why dust control is essential in every mining site.

Dust Control and Its Purpose in Mining Sites

Dust controlling is the process wherein experts take various steps to minimize the harmful effects airborne dust can have on people. It is especially important for mining sites as the activities done in these locations tend to produce a great amount of potentially hazardous dust.

These small particles may seem innocuous to some, but they actually pose a great risk in many ways. Some of these include:

1. Can cause respiratory illnesses.

Inhalation of dust can easily affect a person’s respiratory system, especially if the exposure is prolonged. It is actually an occupational hazard in workplaces like mines, quarries, construction, and various kinds of workshops. Workers can contract penumoconioses, asthma, sicolosis, cancer, and allergic alveolitis just to name a few. A good deal of these respiratory diseases are fatal in severe cases and are practically incurable. Management is the most feasible solution for these diseases, although prevention is still the best.

2. Overexposure to airborne dust can also lead to death.

There are also cases where overexposure to dust have become fatal. Metallic dust like lead and cadmium are poisonous, so prolonged exposure to their dusts can lead to death. However, this can be completely avoided if the exposure has been identified and addressed immediately. It still poses a threat, though, especially if the workplace isn’t taking any steps in dust suppression and control.

3. Overabundance of specific kinds of dust can cause workplace disasters like fire and explosion.

Some airborne dust are flammable, and if they collect in certain concentrations, they can explode. This can prove true for vegetable and organic materials, the same with metal and various other oxidizable dusts. Proper control and suppression with these kinds of dust is essential to prevent any disastrous accidents from taking place.

4. Dust is a workplace hazard that can get costly.

The accumulation of dust in the workplace will put employees’ health in danger. This can be costly in terms of productivity and operations.

For dust control in workplaces, professional firms are offering their services to corporations and sites that need their help. They can device the most effective measures to control and suppress the dust in your work site, if generation can’t be prevented in general. Proper assessment is necessary before actual work should be done, so make sure to make the right measures to fully prepare for the task at hand.


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