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Why Trademark Registration is Essential

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Any person or company (big or small) should take measures to register their intellectual property to prevent other people or companies from illegally benefiting from their work. Trademark registration is of great importance and anyone looking to gain from their hard work should never take it for granted. Many people mistake registering businesses for filing trademark. One thing you need to know is that registering a company cannot fully protect your intellectual property. By opting to register a trademark, you will be basically differentiating your invention from others in the market. That said, trademark registration is beneficial in a number of ways.

For starters, if you file a trademark, you will be ensuring that your business is allowed to operate in a given area using the mark you registered. Filing trademark can open business doors that company registration alone cannot. One thing you need to know is that, rules governing trademark registration across the world are very strict. There are markets that your products will never be allowed into if trademark requirements are not fulfilled. That being the case, you need to know that at times, due to various conditions, you may not be allowed to register a trademark in certain markets. This is possible if your trademark is almost similar to another one in that market. Therefore, make sure you register a trademark that is unique.

Filing trademark is also beneficial as it can enable your business to operate in a number of countries that have a common market protocol. Case in point is the European Union which has the community trademark (CTM). If you are planning to penetrate such a market, you should consider applying for a community trademark as it is beneficial in a number of ways. If you file a trademark of this kind, you will save a lot of money as it offers your trademark exclusive rights to all its members at a reasonable rate. Community trademark also helps you save time as the trademark registration process takes place at a centralized location and one will file a trademark once.

If you register a trademark, you will effectively prevent other people or companies from stealing your property. We are living in an integrated society and information moves from one point to another very fast. As an inventor, you may think that chances of someone in another continent stealing your work are close to none. This however is not the case as things like the internet technology have literally shattered borders between countries. By filing trademark, preferably an international one, you will be protecting your invention.

Trademark registration be it community trademark or a national one helps a business build and maintain its reputation. Imagine a scenario where you spend years building a company and someone comes along and takes your idea and starts using it illegally simply because you did not file a trademark. What will happen to your reputation? The answer is simple, your business will die and there is nothing you will do about. If you register a trademark, you will be able to make a name for yourself and prevent unscrupulous people from stealing from you.

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