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Why WAZZUB will be not a success ?

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Why WAZZUB will be not a success ?


The answer is simple : because of their selfishness , cynicism and foolishness .

1. It is obvious that the intention of WAZZUB is to obtain power : financial power , media power , computing power , even political power . Nobody contest this truth . The claim to dethrone “Google” and “Facebook” is the expression of supreme selfishness and wish for power . This attempt is not a play , but the action of some people greedy of power , even arrogant , blind because of their ambition .

Is there some altruism in this demarche of WAZZUB ? Of course – not ! The intention to give to members some money (half of profit) – is not a proof of generosity , but a selfish and cold calculation of the prospect of the success . “If we give money to members – all people will leave “Google” and will come to WAZZUB” – thus WAZZUB team are thinking . The selfish interest is to attract a lot of persons to the group WAZZUB and to dethrone “Google” and “Facebook” . But the people are not so selfish and stupid as WAZZUB believe !!! The people will understand (maybe they already understood) that not the generosity animates the leaders of WAZZUB , but the cold selfishness .

2. The cold and selfish calculation is neighbor of cynicism . The nice words and kind attitude are not the proof of soul kindness . If we look in the deepness of the soul of the leaders of WAZZUB – we see cynic selfishness . They are greedy of money and power , and would destroy and would crush any human being which would hinder them to get success – or any human being which would take their money .

The preoccupation for cheaters is another proof of cynicism of leaders of WAZZB ! They don’t accept the loss (damage) , they want only profit . In such a immense action (as WAZZUB began) it is normal to exist loss (damage) , too . Any normal human being understand that you can not manipulate millions of people asking only success , glory and power – without to lose something !!! The loss (damage) is normal . If you are realistic and you have a normal mind and a normal soul – you will understand that you can not build a perfect system , without damages . The cheaters are the normal loss (damage) in the system . If you have the ambition to eliminate all cheaters – you are not only cynic , but also absurd . The world is not perfect ! If WAZZUB want a perfect world – it should change many other things than the existence of cheaters .

The conclusion is evident : an immense cynicism makes the leaders of WAZZUB not to accept the existence of some cheaters ! They (the leaders of WAZZUB) threaten , censure , and look for juridical extents in order to annihilate any cheater .

Cynicism and absurdity !!!

3. Which is the foolishness of WAZZUB team ?

To begin with : the illusion that they will change world hierarchy on Internet (during short time !) . The Internet appeared and grew up in diverse and varied and changeable conditions . The present situation on Internet is the result of efforts , struggle , changes , transformations and attitude of the public during decades . We may not neglect the history of Internet . When they launched the initiative of building of WAZZUB system – the leaders of this believed that will fool and hoax many people if tempt them with money .

The noble idea of a system on Internet which gives money to its members was not sustained by intelligence and wisdom . On the contrary : it was overcame and overwhelmed by the foolishness of leaders of WAZZUB – who didn’t understand and don’t understand the psychology of persons and of crowd .

If the strong point of WAZZUB initiative was the offer of money (50 % of profit) – why didn’t they anticipate the appearance of  cheaters ?

Because of foolishness !

When they understood that can not make a perfect system – the leaders of WAZZUB became bad , wicked and cynic and began to snarl like wolves at cheaters .

They (the leaders of WAZZUB) don’t understand that the existence of cheaters is normal in a world where the interhuman relations are not perfect .

The ultimate conclusion :

- WAZZUB will be not a success . The people will avoid WAZZUB because of disgust and distaste for the leaders of WAZZUB . “Google” will triumph , “Facebook” will triumph etc. , and WAZZUB will fall into the pit of forgetfulness !

WAZZUB will muse on human condition , will ponder over the features of the world and – especially – over the idea of success (better said : the idea of failure) . When the leaders of WAZZUB will understand that they were wrong – it will be too late . 


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