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Why You Need A Lease Agreements Template?

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There are many reasons as a landlord why you need a lease agreements template. If the terms of the lease can’t be performed within a year, the state statute of frauds requires the lease to be in writing to be enforceable. However, even if you have a month-to-month residential lease agreement or commercial lease agreement, it is essential to prepare a written lease agreements template in order to prevent future disputes and litigation. The terms of a written lease will supersede the requirements of local landlord and tenant statutes, and can prevent unnecessary expense and delay in resolving lease violations, such as nonpayment of rent. For example, without a residential lease agreement, the eviction notice requirements of the state’s landlord and tenant law will apply, which may be weeks longer than the notice required in a lease agreement, preventing immediate termination of a tenancy and the ability to rent to a new tenant.

Some of the common terms found in a lease agreements template include the following:

  • The identity and addresses of the landlord and tenant.

  • The term of the lease.

  • The amount of rent and term for payment.

  • The landlord’s responsibilities regarding repairs, maintenance, and right of entry. In some cases, the tenant can have the option of making repairs above normal wear and tear and deducting the costs from the rent.

  • Any terms for payment of a security deposit should be included in the lease agreements template.

  • Terms for termination or renewal of the lease.

  • The responsibilities of the landlord and tenant for payment of utilities and insurance should be described.

  • Pet and extended guest policies should be detailed in the rental agreement.

  • Any rights to assignment or subletting by the tenant can be granted or disallowed.

US Legal Forms offers a residential lease agreement that is specifically designed to comply with the laws of your state, unlike many of the generic lease agreements template forms found online. A commercial lease agreement is also available. To assist in efficient property management, avoid tenant turnover, and void having your landlord and tenant dispute wind up in housing court, it’s important to have a written lease agreements template in place. US Legal Forms makes it easier and more convenient and affordable than ever to obtain a professionally drafted, state-specific lease agreements template. A sample may be previewed before downloading and the forms are easy to complete in Word format.


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