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Why You Need to Perform Vulnerability Assessments

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Breakthroughs in hacking and cybercrime tactics place any computer-based system in danger. Corporations depending heavily on internal computer systems are particularly vulnerable, since a single leak in the network might compromise all the computers linked with it. This makes it more crucial that you setup security software and to perform regular vulnerability assessments through ethical hacking.

The main goal of examining a network’s vulnerability is to look for and fix any security problems before online criminals can discover and use them to get unauthorized access. Both computer hardware and application developers use vulnerability and security tests to make sure their goods are not defective or susceptible to hacking.

Determining your network’s safety and security is not only about ensuring that your security applications are functioning. You need to discover how well the software program lasts against an attack from a hacker. This is when ethical hacking comes into play. An “ethical” hacker does the exact same thing a real hacker does, but the difference is the purpose for their behavior. Whilst a genuine hacker will infiltrate your computer to steal information or cripple the system, an ethical hacker attacks your computer simply to see just how efficient your security software programs are.

There are two types of testing included in vulnerability assessment: black-box testing and white-box testing. Black box testing mimics a third party attack from a hacker. The reason it is known as “black-box” is due to the fact the examination concentrates on simulating hackers who know the security application exists and what it is supposed to do, but don’t know how it operates exactly. White-box testing calls for ethical hacking that mimics attacks done from within by someone who has some degree of access to the system, or by anyone with advanced knowledge of the way the security program performs.

If your business relies on a computer network, you must conduct vulnerability assessments regularly. No matter how sophisticated anti-virus and other security applications become through the years, these tests are necessary areas of any business’ security.

You (or your business’ information technology professionals) ought to conduct these assessments at least once a year. You also need to do it before bringing in new programs into your network, or if you’re improving your installation. Remember to pay attention to the results of every evaluation, as this will let you monitor regular problematic areas or any other issues that could compromise your system.

Hiring somebody to conduct security tests and penetration tests on your network can save a lot of time and money, particularly if your enterprise is modest and you don’t have an information technology (IT) professional on hand to assist you.

You should be careful whom you work with, though, because some vulnerability testers may turn out to be cybercriminals in disguise. This is especially important if you wish to employ someone to do white-box testing for you. Remember, white-box testing involves being able to access the inner workings of your network. If you unknowingly chose a real hacker and ask them to do white-box testing for you, you have just given your business assets over on a silver platter.

Ami Watson is a company owner who knows the importance of vulnerability assessment and ethical hacking.


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