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Why You Should Book with a Luxury Travel Agency

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Instead of going to a Mondavi-esque winery, how about a private tour of a boutique cellar by the sommelier? Rather than touring a palace, how about staying in one? Imagine peering down at the temples and pagodas as you zip over the Burmese countryside on a private jet.


It’s hard to plan these types of excursions on your own, because you won’t find the same caliber offerings on Expedia or Travelocity. A travel agency specializing in luxurious and unique travel experiences can be the gateway to a vacation that you can’t possibly plan, or even imagine.


Booking with a luxury travel agency has many benefits. First and foremost, it can save you time and stress because somebody else is planning your trip. The Internet allows anyone to book their own travel, which can save the fee or monthly retainer. However, searching on your own doesn’t save time, can be confusing and stressful, and can lead to anxiety and stress.


Once you’ve chosen a luxury travel agency or agent, your only job is to describe the kind of experience you’re looking for. A luxury travel agency can take care of the minutiae (flight, hotel, activities, rentals) that makes traveling a logistical nightmare. Some of the more detail-oriented agencies even provide their clients a soundtrack for the trip.

Booking with a luxury travel agency means getting a high value experience for your investment. Agents spend their time making connections with hotels, airlines, cruises, and property owners, and the benefits deriving from these connections–in the form of room upgrades, free rentals, special tours–are ultimately passed onto the traveler. Even the most experienced traveler is wowed with an after-hours glimpse of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Their connections can even get their clients a trip during peak seasons under short notice.


Booking with a luxury travel agency is the best way to enjoy your vacation because it maximizes your time and monetary investment. Andrew Harper, a private travel community, provides its dues-paying members with access to an in-house luxury travel agency, the Andrew Harper Travel Office. The agency’s staff of consultants specializes in personalized planning and booking of vacation travel and signature tours. In addition to the Andrew Harper Travel Office, the agency is best known for the Hideaway Report, a travel publication of hotel, restaurant, and tour reviews and travel tips. To ensure objective editorial information, “Andrew Harper” travels incognito and pays full rates and fees to all hotels and restaurants.


Visit Andrew Harper And also luxury travel agency for more information on unique travel packages, hotel and restaurant reviews, and joining the the private travel community.


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