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Why You Should Write Copy before Your Website is Designed

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Your website will turn out to be practical and well-designed if you can get the copy or content written before your design team finalises the website design. Besides reducing the time spent on redoing the website design to adjust the content, you also save effort and money by keeping the content ready before you begin designing the website.

The design of your website can attract a viewer, but it is the content that makes him stay around and view the rest of the website. Unless you have good content on your website, it is difficult to retain the attention of the website visitor for long.

It is a common misconception that you should write copy for your website after the design process is over. From your website design Manchester service team of experts to top website managers, many would agree that the right thing to do is to write copy before your website is designed.

Here are some reasons why you should keep your copy ready before you finalise the design.

Design without Content Can Ruin Your Budget

When you design your website without the content, you are not exactly sure where to place the words or how the content will look when the website is ready.

You could end up with a very artistic design and templates that make it difficult to squeeze in content later on. On the other hand, if your design team leaves too much space for content and you have minimal content, the website will look empty.

You need to pay equal attention to design and content. Working on both ideas simultaneously can give you the best results and allow you to come up with a website that is not too much design oriented nor will it fail you in terms of content.

Content is Haphazard When Design is Already in Hand

Let’s admit it, website designers do not think like content writers. They have their own ideas about how the website should look like and think that content should be accommodated as per their designs.

On the other hand, content writers often find themselves in a spot over how to write content that will fit in the given space and will convey the required message and more importantly, not look as if it were a rehashed version of something original.

It is for this reason that your website design Manchester team will have its designers and content writers working in tandem to give you a website that is excellent both in design and content quality.

Unorganised Work Leads to Chaos

When the designers are clueless about the content or if the content writing team is not aware of what design it needs to follow, it leads to chaotic situations.

There is also the probability of having to rework the content or the design if they don’t seem to be in sync with each other. This can lead to a waste of time, effort and of course money for your business.

Time is Money

When your website design Manchester team begins working on the content and the design simultaneously or keeps the content ready before the design stage, a lot of time is saved. You can upload your website in time and your clients, business associates and visitors can get timely updates about your business events. Every minute well-utilised translates into money for you.


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