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Why your business should consider hiring through a recruitment agency

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Although recruitment agencies continue to face increased competition from internal recruitment teams, job boards and social networking sites such as LinkedIn, the industry still continues to grow. Many companies still consider it as an important channel for sourcing the best talent. Most companies do not see recruitment as a continuous process after filling in the sought for vacancies. Also, many small and medium enterprises do not have dedicated HR teams and among those that have, many commit their HR teams to other things as well. Yet attracting, retaining and training good staff is essential to having a successful company.

Below are benefits of hiring staff through our recruitment agency

1. Leverage our knowledge of the job market: The job of recruitment agencies is all about recruitment and therefore they keep an eye on the industry all the time. Thus, they can give deeper insights as to what is happening with regard to salary rates, career expectations, available and missing skill-sets, and hiring difficulties eminent in the industry because they are seeing both sides of the coin — meaning both the potential employers and employee. Usually, other companies are, most of the time, concentrating on their own processes, standards and operations. Our executive recruiting firms is also used by many top companies to head hunt talent they believe will change the game.
We are a recruitment agency that provides top leadership development programs together with recruiting services to give special leadership skills to your employees, now that organizational leadership has a direct impact on a company’s success.

2. Extended reach for and easy access to much talent: Many employees who have good talent and experience are always tied up and busy with their current employment roles: it is possible to find that many do not respond to job advertisements or even get time to read newspapers to stumble upon these advertisements. Most of these employees ask a recruiting agency to spy out a vacancy for them if they want to change jobs. That means if you are a company using recruitment agencies, then it is possible that you will reach out to the best experienced talent through them. Besides, we have networks we can leverage to hunt a potential job seeker and connect him or her with your company.
The fact that big companies value the role of hiring good talent and strategic leadership, gives them a good reason to use recruitment agencies to help them keep an eye for unusual talent that is not easily available in the market, and which may not be obviously accessed by internal recruiting teams who have many other HR roles to play at the company. This way, companies can use us to supplement their HR teams.

3. Save on labor costs and get more benefits. Many companies opt to have no dedicated HR teams and instead rely on HR outsourcing services provided by recruiting agencies like ours. This is a good option for small and medium-sized companies who are looking to lower operational costs. This helps them avoid the extra expenses of hiring dedicated HR staff that will be paid salaries and allowances every month. Our recruiting agency will handle all the work related to HR, including all paperwork. Some recruiting agencies also offer top leadership development programs in NY that you can take your current staff through, in order to become more competent. Our agency can offer it as an additional service at a lesser fee for example. It must be considered that training workers can be expensive


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