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Wilderness Therapist

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At SUWS of the Carolinas, our Wilderness Therapist help the students identify their limiting emotional behaviors and destructive behaviors during wilderness camp for teens or during summer camp for troubled teens. The wilderness setting functions as a catalyst to connect with the students. We have schools for troubled girls also where they are kept in various challenging yet guided situations. In wilderness camp for teens the wilderness therapist brings students to new cultural and social situation where they learn to rely upon themselves. Summer camp for troubled teens is organized for those who are not the regular residents like the girls who are regularly attending the schools for troubled girls.

Our base includes an office complex, wilderness therapist residence, training facilities, schools for troubled girls, residential cabins for students, and commissary. We also organize summer camp for troubled teens, and Wilderness Camp For Teens under the guidance of wilderness therapist who put the students in various challenging situations to bring their spontaneous reactions and develop their self-confidence. In this summer camp for troubled teens they are equipped and accompanied with wilderness experts to help them out. All our services, be it the schools for troubled girls or wilderness camp for teens are guided by our core values.

At SUWS, we are committed to help struggling youth and their families through various programs like wilderness camp for teens, summer camp for troubled teens and schools for troubled girls. Our wilderness therapist makes these children understand the situation by putting them in specific situations. It is sobriety of interaction and action that we encourage in our wilderness camp for teens, summer camp for troubled teens and schools for troubled girls. The ultimate aim of our wilderness therapist is to make them behave sober in varying situations.

Now the families don’t need to continue the path that is not working. Get your children enrolled in wilderness camp for teens, Summer Camp For Troubled Teens, or schools for troubled girls. And our wilderness therapist will take care of bringing the best behavior out of improper behavior. Our wilderness therapist follows different testified plans that surely work to connect with the youth. These wilderness camps for teens, summer camp for troubled teens, or schools for troubled girls are ways to develop positive peer pressure on the students to highlight their positive side. They compete with each other to excel in positive behaviors and adorable conducts.


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