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Wish to Learn Martial Arts? Ask Yourself These Questions

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For the average individual, the various martial art kinds may all look the same. Among their differences is their places of origin; Karate stems from Japan, kung fu was developed in China, and tae kwon do has its origins in South Korea. You ought to realize that this is not the only difference. Before you master martial arts, you should know that there are lots of styles globally that are appropriate for several personalities; these focus on more than the acrobatic kicks and strong punches you find in action films.

Why do you want to study martial arts?

You can study martial arts to maintain or boost your health. You may also do it because you choose to protect yourself and/or the people you care about. Awareness of a culture’s martial arts also implies respect and appreciation for that culture. Perhaps you just want the right to yell just like Bruce Lee and alert folks that you’re about to perform something outstanding.

What are your physical limitations?

As an example, if you’re a little older or reasonably inflexible, Tai Chi fits you better than, say, Wushu. If you have a smaller physique, deliberate styles that focus more on technique and leverage such as aikido, jujitsu, and judo. Or else, you may practice karate, taekwondo, and some other styles that highlight strength.

What martial arts style goes well with your character?

If you’re not a combative individual, opt for defensive styles just like judo and aikido; both of them include using the aggressors’ energy against them. If you’re not deterred by ruthless techniques, then you wouldn’t mind training in styles just like Krav Maga and jujitsu. For people who want balance, concentration, and flexibility in their martial arts training, eskrima–named “arnis” in the Philippines and “Kali” in the West–is for you. Spiritual people may find aikido and Tai Chi ideal for their needs.

How committed are you to knowing martial arts?

Many martial arts coaches will tell you this: “We come to class to learn. We train at home.” To maintain the martial arts lessons fresh in your thoughts, you ought to find time to study outside of class. Spar with good friends who are proficient with your picked martial arts style.

If you’re not eager to put in the necessary hours to develop your art, do not even ponder on taking martial arts classes. For even more particulars on martial arts styles that match different individualities, visit


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