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With A Professional Photo Editing Software

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We like to edit the photo, and we may want to find some good software. I am also a photo editing fan. Here I share with you some photo editing software.

ExifShow check digital photo EXIF information. Size: 303 K.

Software is introduced: For fans of DC, examining a fine digital photo, certainly wish to understand the use of camera, exposure value, the focal length value parameters, common practice is the digital photo download will be back, then use ACDSee software such as check EXIF information due to download or save process is essential, therefore the operation a little trouble some. ExifShow installed plugin, later when we in IE browsing digital photos click the right mouse button, quick menu will appear the “check EXIF information” option, and you’re ready to check. In the information list place right-click, can the EXIF information copy will be selected to the clipboard or save as a text file. If there are some digital photos showed “the picture no EXIF information”, it may be passed some form of treatment and result in the loss the EXIF data, or is in not support EXIF digital camera photographs.

Apple MAC system, which can be used with a professional photo editing software for mac, PHOTOSHOP, or other? The best is free. The most good of course is Adobe CS suit. In addition, if is editor and modify photos, can choose Adobe Lightroom and apple own Aperture, especially Aperture, is very nice. Facing the creation of CG Corel Painter ArtRage and have, Similar PS that have Pixelmator, And Belight released Printfolio face print issue suits, including art words, business CARDS, CD covers and images of the special effects software, very convenient. By the way, if you are not a photo editing fan, but also a app fan, there is a tool named ipad video konverter can help you convert video in your new iPad. And there is also a color management ColorSchemer Studio, professional match colors and color management software. And many of the creation of specific names such as Logo I have said not so certain, can at the apple website and download.

Turbo Photo 4.2 simplified Chinese version. Size: 5.35 M

Software is introduced: A digital imaging for background, facing the digital camera ordinary users and must professional users and design a image processing software. Turbo Photo of all functions are focusing on how to make your photos more outstanding such a theme and design. Each function against a digital camera itself characteristics and the most common problems. Through the Turbo Photo, you can easily master and control component excellent work of photography more elements: exposure, the color, composition, sharpness, contrast, and so on. Be clear at a glance of the interface and operation; make each without any image processing base of users can in the shortest possible time to experience the fun of digital image processing. At the same time, Turbo Photo for advanced users with a more professional adjust processing means, for you to work fine control, adjust the possible.


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