In almost all the machineries that are used on a daily basis requires gears in some or other form. With gears comes the need of gear cutting tools. Gear hobs are an important tool that is primarily used in the cutting and shaping of the teeth found on gears. Basically, cutters are used to cut the teeth into the work piece so that accurate gears can be manufactured for effective usage. The basic intention behind using gear cutting tools is to provide an excellent finish to the surface and making it smooth so that it can work properly.

Several ways are used to cut gears and hobbing is a major one among them. Various types of gear hobs are available in the market and are being used as an effective tool for cutting gears. Below are some major types of gear hobs that are frequently used.

1. Involute Gear Hob- This is used to provide gears a more precise finish. It is also used to give gears maximum precision before the tooth shaving operation.

2. Involute Splines- Involute splines are stronger and easier in cutting and fitting. They are the spline having the same general form as involute gear teeth. They have teeth depth that cut all types of involute Splines.

3. Sprocket Hobs- Sprocket hobs can be produced in single and multi-start and are used for cutting roller chain sprockets.

4. Worm Wheel Hobs- Worm wheel hobs are designed and used for plunge cutting. They are unique in a way because they match the wormshaft with sharpening allowance.

Technology is changing and with that is changing the primary gear cutting tools. Now, fully automated gear hobs are in use to produce quality gears. The demand of gear cutting tools is increasing day by day and the reason is the vast usage of gears. This is the reason that has transformed the gear cutting industry into a major one. The gist is that as long as gears will be is use, gear hobs will be manufactured to give gears a smooth finish to make it a perfect one.

Gear cutting tools have almost changed the gear making industry. Today, it is an easy task to create a gear but it was not so when effecting gear cutting tools were not available or were not so much popular. With gear hobs that works as an effective gear cutting tool and is so much popular in the industry, the task of creating a gear has become easier and comfortable.

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