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with the headset monster beats dr dre monster beats also, the recently

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Somic 2011 action frequently. Following your grand new conference occurred in Beijing in June, were very concerned about the Somic next launch with the product, carry on and promote the adventure headset, or force music headphones, portable dr dre beats headphones are often more young? Xiaobian based in the Somic official microblogging ( Recently, a suspected Taiwan popular idol Aaron wearing a stylish portable Somic headphones, what coincidence or Master Metco new endorsement?Let us dr dre headphones take a look

Judging through the design headphones use nowadays hot apple white being the main colors, the headphone housing to become silver hollow design affords the visual impression is not hard by using a fashion element. This jogs my memory on the appearance with the headset monster beats dr dre monster beats also, the recently of swirling speculation “Bass EP19 somewhat similar. With questions I informed from Somic official website This white headphones will be an upgraded version with the bass king EP19, officially named EP19pro upcoming.

The information shown on, the Somic EP19pro having a popular secondary folding design, the headphones fold smaller size, quite. The headset makes use of a relatively thick silicone head beam, not just comfortable, and increased the concentration of the initial beam. It can be worth mentioning stands out as the upgraded version of EP19pro excellent breathability leather ear pads, soft and comfortable, as well as to ensure long-wear comfort, but will also provides good sound insulation, suitable for outdoor sound use. Somic this series of thoughtful design, in order to make consumers convenient enjoyment of music.

With the appearance of summer heat, Somic issued a few multi-channel gaming headsets for electric campaign hand and gamers one more time launched the upgraded version in the EP19 pro portable headphones. The way in which music to arrive at people anywhere in the fashion street listening to music is likewise refreshing the facial area.

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  • Posted On May 17, 2012
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