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Witness another blow in Hank’s life on Californication

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Hank Moody, he is the writer who is a tower of troubles. And his troubles serve us with the best of drama and entertainment that subtly brings the odds out in lightheartedness. The esteemed writer has generated enough ruckuses in his life and surroundings that his exgirlfriend, Karen and his daughter, Becca are the live victims of all of that. 


But we as the devotees of the show and witness of Moody’s life have just simply love the rollercoaster ride that he is on, because it gives us immense amusement. Continuing the drama Californication is coming back with its season 5 episode 10 on March 18,2012.  


The show has been through its five installments and we have witnessed Moody’s life all throughout. We are the witnesses of how his relationship with his long time girlfriend Karen been. Watch Californication as it brings another segment of his unstable life. The season 5 has been pretty much the same since he came through his arrest and completely fallen apart life after his arrest and the following events. Catch its episode 10 online as this time it’s his friendship that will see the downfall. 

In this installment of the show, we have seen how Hank moved ahead with his life post probation period during which his girlfriend got married to Professor Bates and his daughter got a new boyfriend. With his dear ones doing good things for themselves, it was time that Moody also tried to alter his life. 


As the show proceeds, the upcoming segment will pick from the end of the last segment, where we saw much of action in Moody’s life. Californication season 5 episode 10 will be the extension of the scuffles that took place on the set of film Santa Monica Cop, which commenced with its production process, and the series of events which followed it. 


During his attempts we saw how his relationship with his agent and best friend Charlie Runkle has changed. As they both attempt to rebuild their image. But the last segments mess up will give hard push to the newness in their relationship. 


As we watch Californication season 5 episode 10 online we will see how the consequences of the events in the last segment will hamper their long relationship. Hank’s dismissal from his job infuriates him compels him to terminate Charlie from his job of being his agent. Hank has not only lost his job but also his agent as well as his best friend. 


We will see Hank looking out for a new agent and Charlie seeking some consolation by leaning on an old buddy that is Marcy, his ex. In the meanwhile, Lizzie will bag the big shot of his career as Stu offers her an act in Santa Monica Cop.


Don’t forget to tune into the show to catch up the fun and in its following segment, Californication season 5 episode 11 as the fun is here to stay. 


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