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Women Dresses And Fresh Designs

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Women dresses are traditional clothing worn in south Asian countries. It is considered as one of the traditional dresses in the subcontinent. Countries like Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh are countries that take designer kurtis as their traditional dress. Kurtis are basically a loose shirt falling freely with the length somewhere around knees of the wearer. Kurtis are popular both between men and women. Both the genders enjoy the comfort and outlook of the Kurtas. They are usually worn along with pyjamas, shalwars, churidaars, and dhotis and also with jeans these days. Women dresses, these days, are worn as both casual as well as a formal dress.

The word ‘Kurta’ is derived from Urdu and Hindi. However, originally the word came from Persian and its literal meanings are ‘collarless shirt’. The word ‘kurta’ was used in English for the first time in the 20th century.

Women wear leggings the same way they wear blouses. Material used for manufacturing women kurtis is usually of the light nature and the length of the kurti is relatively shorter than the routine garments. The kurtis are usually worn with a duppata, scarf or a stole around the neck.

In search of a different kind of outlook, Imported Women dresses were in a boom around the ‘60s & ‘70s era as an introduction to a ‘hippie look’, the fashion lasted for a short period of time but now again its back in style. Formal Kurtas in South Asia are usually customized and the tailors stitch the fabric based upon the customer’s order and designs.

A typical kurta is made of rectangular pieces of fabric, and it is cut in such a way so as to make no fabric go in a waste. The sleeves of kurtis are straight and go till the wrist; they are not cuffed, just hemmed. The front and back sides of kurta are in a rectangular pattern. The side seams are not joined, which gives the wearer, ease of movement.

Fabric used for Kurtis that are worn in summers, are usually think silk or cotton. However, in winters, the fabric commonly used is wool & khadi silk. Decorative items that are commonly used in Women dresses comprise of Buttons, tassels, embroidery or cloth balls. Buttons, used in Kurtis, are often made of wood or plastic. However, Kurtis for formal occasions may use decorative metal buttons, these buttons are just sewn on the fabric.

Designer kurtis, these days, are worn with jeans as jeans are usually preferred over pyjamas or even leggings as they are more comfortable and durable. Also, most coloured Kurtis go well with blue jeans.

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