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Write Well – Five Easy Ways

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All writers want to write well and they all want to see success in writing. Writing to many is an art made easy by constant practice. It is not easy writing a book, and then adding to that book by writing a blog, and then deciding that another blog might be in order and that you of all people should write that.
Often this type of pushing yourself can lead to burnout. This is the art of writing, of loving what you do. To write well is a process, but there are five easy ways to write well that help this process.
1) Write, but also read in the style you are writing: often writers simply do not want to read while writing. This can cause them to lose the part of why they wrote in the first place. If you are writing fiction, read a fiction novel in the genre you are currently writing about. often looking at success will improve your chances of success.
2) To write well means to set a goal of words: When a writer reads a published book, often they do not read it as say someone who does not write, and prefers not to write. Writers look for ways that this other writer has found success. Really it is simply a matter of words. Writing a first draft, then editing this draft, then re-writing and re-editing makes a lot of words. Use this to help you write well.
3) Sometimes writers need a break from their work: Sometimes there is something to be said that to write well you need to have time. Often what is really being said is that editing something for the tenth time might not be working since the focus has been on writing and editing this one article or blog or something. Even a day away from the work in progress help a writer write well.
4) To write well means you want to improve: There is a time when you either say that writing is something in your blood and that you will pay the price to write and to make this happen or you have not found the success you are looking for, and will give up. Those writers who commit to the art of writing will find that they write well after a lot of work and practice.
5) Know what you love and do that as well as pay bills: Often a writer will focus on paying the bills, but just as often a writer will do things to pay the bills and make a bit of money but will also find things to do to improve their writing in an area that they love. Writers need to know what they love in order to write well. Know your passion and spend time nurturing this love, and you will see that your writing will improve.



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