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Writing For Money – Use Your Words To Fight Back In This Economy

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When my niece was young and threw tantrums, my sister used to urge her, “use your words.” I have thought of that phrase many times in the past two years. I think of it because while nearly every industry has scaled back or shipped jobs to China, writing for money on the internet continues to grow and can never be fully outsourced.
Writing for Money – a Growth Industry
This industry continues to grow because there is an insatiable hunger for fresh words on the internet every day. If you decide to use your words and start writing for money you will find markets everywhere.
Small businesses in your hometown are moving on to the internet just to stay afloat in this economy.
Large corporations are learning the importance of posting fresh content every day to stay visible in the search engines.
Entrepreneurs are seizing the opportunity and starting their online businesses.
Content draws customers to web sites, content keeps them coming back, and content ultimately seals the deal in internet commerce.
Writing for Money – English Rules
English speakers still have the advantage on the internet. English is the language of business and if you can write using correct grammar and spelling, you can sell your words on the internet.
Proper English grammar is difficult to learn as a second language. This makes it hard for web site owners to outsource their content needs overseas. Some try but find that even when the work they get is technically correct it still sounds “off” to the native speaker’s ear. This means that as long as we are speaking English, you will be able to sell your English writing.
Use Your Words
This economy has a lot of us falling back and regrouping. Writing for money can help you get back on your feet. Simple articles written in a conversational voice sell everything these days from phone service to foot cream.
You can get started writing for money. All you need is a computer, an internet connection, and a knowledge of English spelling and grammar. If you take the time to write every day you will soon find that conversational tone that web site owners seek. Submit every day and you will get the feedback you need to improve.
You can start writing your way out the hole the banks dug for us. You can fight back against the ennui and frustration of the unemployment crisis. Use your words. Start writing for money today.

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