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WZRD by Kid Cudi Tops Current Music News

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The world of HipHop has once again been dominated by the famous artist Kid Cudi. Just recently, he has once again been on the limelight for the current music news of today. With the current music news release of theWZRD album that featured a number of hist best hiphop beats, he was once again able to conquer the top of the charts.

The current music news favorite, Kid Cudi’s WZRD album has been part of the Billboard 200 Top Albums of the year. In fact, this current music news star’s self-titled album is found at the top rank of the charts and is also the only hiphop album to be found on the said hit list. This current music news serves as a proof that Kid Cudi’s contribution to the world of music is truly inexplicable and couldn’t be discounted.


In 2009, the current music news rapper Cudi’s WZRD album reached about 66,000 copies sold while only at its first week of release. It seems that the number could have been more if only Cudi was able to actually have his other albums released and shipped to other countries around the globe on time.


Thus, a number of the usual current music news artists that you normally see on the Billboard Top Charts have lost their spot because of Kid Cudi’s placing; it seems that the current music news artist will continue to conquer this spot whether with this same album or with the new album that he is producing to commemorate the years he has been in the industry as well as a means to say thanks to all of his supportive and loving fans.


The star’s WZRD album can still be bought at your local stores or you can also download the album from iTunes. The minute you have your own current music news album, start listening to his active beats and you will come to realize just why people love listening to his music and why he has been consistently found at the top of various charts in the United States and other countries too.


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