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XingBang ball mill equipment a high degree of automation

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XingBang ball mill equipment a high degree of automation_Ivylm522Prosperous analysis of investment in overseas markets to better decision-making Prosperous country analysis that invest in overseas markets to better decision-making, Introduction: once rush of Chinese flock to overseas mining investment boom Rotary Kiln beginning quietly cool, this is not a good audio manufacturers of mining equipment. 銆€銆€Signs marked, and since the financial crisis, flock have droves of Chinese enterprises overseas mining investment boom beginning quietly cool, overseas mining ball mill investment boom in the beginning of the “turning point” show. 銆€銆€Wang Min, Vice Minister of territory resources given a set of data can also be seen: the first half of this year, the global mining M & A sale and purchase amount to reach $ 71 billion, an increase of 80% and reached 1379 sale, a record M & A activity on most records., Outside the mining M & A sale of the proportion of smaller M & A sale of $ 4.7 billion dollars, down 18%. 銆€銆€It is noteworthy that, based on the territory of the Ministry ball mill of Statistics, the second half of the global mining M & A has slowed down in July, landed 32% and 19% of the sale of the amount and volume of trading chain, landing 25% and 7% in August to continue. 銆€銆€A loss of this year’s macroeconomic low unrest was the macroeconomic impact, the metal mining industry will face next to the bubble, too Process. “Minmetals Group Vice President Feng Guiquan admitted to reporters. 銆€銆€He then it is of concern to many mining people.Subjected to a reporter’s interview, a senior mining official said, we are all thinking, now invest in overseas mines, hours of production a few years later is still not a good deal.The one hand, the macroeconomic impact, mineral resources, the price once the beginning of the downlink, will mining investment in the grand impact.On the other hand, the “China fever” behind, not only pushed the trading price of overseas mining M & A, an increase of capital, but also aroused the vigilance and obstruction of foreign resources to maintain. “More important is, so far, the overseas mining investment projects in real play performance very few examples of these investments often become a big burden on enterprises, many enterprises and even collapse. 銆€銆€”On Chinese enterprises, in addition to the project itself needs a lot of investment, the industry periodically shaken, policy changes, as well as labor, environmental protection And other factors impact on the project are to increase investment capital, and this number is much larger than the evaluation value.Overseas mining investment as a blood The original pre-evaluation of the investment in the project to stop the process,

 a few years turned several block machine times. “These people, told reporters.In their eyes, Chinese enterprises Overseas mergers and acquisitions became a “hot potato”. 銆€銆€Deputy Director Luo Tiejun of the Information Division of the Ministry of Industry said recently that, in recent years, the domestic enterprises to actively “came in, put in a lot of financial and material resources, Human exploitation of iron ore resources in the offshore exploration, but Rotary Kiln due to various reason, the real play only a handful of project performance. 銆€銆€Non-ferrous metals value chain, the most profitable is located upstream of the mineral resources.Reporters understand that a few years ago, with the high-speed development of global economy, iron ore, coal and other mineral resources, the price soared.Under the stimulus of high profits, Chinese companies have also opened a foreign investment boom in aluminum, color, steel, iron and other central ball mill enterprises start into the private enterprises have also followed to “the beginning of a large number of the foreign mining “march”.However, the painful experience of corporate experience follow.First came in as a domestic one of the central enterprises, Aluminum Corporation of China in March 2007 and the Queensland Government, Australia signed a development agreement, commitment to the exploitation of bauxite resources in the local and the establishment of an alumina plant, four years in exchange for it is a huge loss … breakdown of the investment of Chinese enterprises in overseas mining projects, “frustrated” is not the aluminum one, Shougang Hierro Peru, CITIC Group, Western Australia, magnetite and so can not be considered a victory. 銆€銆€Many participants mining people in the industry to bear the interview thinking, “rational” in the mining resources overseas investment, even if prepared to invest, but also necessary Funds from the enterprise itself, the industrial chain, and mineral resources in the country, political, cultural, transportation,

labor and other aspects carefully evaluated a number of new mineral resource projects, and then think about the feasibility of investment. 銆€銆€More importantly, compared to the “hype” investment, domestic enterprises to invest in overseas mineral resource projects put into operation as soon as possible “is burning Brow of anxious.Which precisely fit the overall thoughts of this year, the Ministry of Industry, Luo Tiejun told reporters that the Ministry of Industry is working with relevant departments to discuss advancing are investing in the establishment of foreign iron ore project put into operation as soon as possible to benefit, while the guidance of the investment companies to further enhance and communication and harmony of the resources the country and focus on dealing with investment restrictions elements work together to promote the establishment of overseas iron ore resource base. 銆€銆€Mining Group Co., Ltd., Chen Jing River Initiative, the Government encouraged mining companies to come in “and should be eliminated scruples to provide a more More at ease decision-making and support policy, especially the strength of some key enterprises to stop the record, the approved amount and then make their own decisions based on changes in the market by enterprises.In addition to a local foreign exchange to set up one for domestic mining companies overseas to carry out the “special offshore mineral resources fund to support strong enterprises to carry out strategic overseas. The main products of Henan prosperous machine production: the ball mill, energy-saving ball mill, cement mill, intermittent ball mill, tube mill, grid ball mill, explosion-proof ball mill, disc granulator, pendulum feeding machine, mixing drum, drum sieve high frequency sieve, flotation machine, shaker, grading machines, rotary kiln, magnetic separator, dryer and other heavy machinery and equipment. Source website: The ball mill articles: prosperous mill upgrade was successful again to the world of 24-hour hotline:


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