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Yoga Exercises For Weight Loss Beginners

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When you think about weight loss, and dieting and exercising makes you remember those unsatisfactory times, you should start thinking of other alternatives, such as yoga. Yoga exercises for weight loss is a form of meditation that helps you lose weight and help metabolism, toning up the muscles, etc.

You have to remember that even though yoga poses help with weight loss, all of them aren’t meant for it. There are some that are there for the peace of the mind. But you have to remember one thing: Dedication is very important. Well try to maintain good eating habits as well.

Below are a few yoga exercises for weight loss for you:

1. Wind Releasing Pose

For this pose, you have to lie down on your back and hug your knees to your chest, making sure that both of them are not spread apart. From there, use your fists and take them in front of knees and trying raising your head from the ground or floor. All you have to do is keep breathing throughout and notice the slight ache in your abs.

2. Cobra Pose

Lie down on a mat with your face to the ground and your feet aligned on the ground. Then using your hands right below the shoulder, push down so that your head and torso lift up.

Then move your head to face straight ahead and spread your fingers, the shoulder blades going lower and behind. Then push your shoulders backwards, making sure you stretch it all throughout the spine. While doing so, breathe deeply, and then when you are in the normal position, breathe out.

3. Side Stretch Pose

If you need a pose that is going to accelerate your heart beat and work on the waist, this is it. All you have to do is stand erect with the feet spread a little more than the shoulders.

Start turning your torso towards your right side along with your legs. Make your torso parallel to the ground by bending it. Repeat the same process with the other side, and remember to keep breathing.

4. Bow Pose

In this pose, you have to lay down on your stomach, bending your knees behind so that you can try to reach out for it. Push your feet higher along with keeping your tummy sucked in.

While doing so, you can try raising your upper torso with the shoulder blades outwards. Keep your breath held and then relaxed while doing all these. This pose is for toning the area around the abdomen.

5. Warrior Pose

You have to stand upright and move both the feet, around four feet outwards, and the torso to the torso to your left. Make sure that one knee is bent, the left one, and the other is perpendicular to the ground. Then, reach upwards with your hands and turn your head to look at them. This is good for your thighs, abdomen and the hands.

The yoga exercises for weight loss that help the most in yoga are quite intense, so feeling a little burn may be due to burning of fat around the areas you’re concentrating on.


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