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You Are What You Drive: Cars and their Owners’ Personality

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People are like walking advertisements; everything we do, from the way we talk to our choice of clothes and accessories, tell something about our personality. For instance, wearing your favorite sports team’s jersey reveals you are a fan–which is not advisable to do if you’re rooting for the visiting team that’s winning. The same is true for your choice of cars.


“You think your car is just transportation? You’re wrong! That car says a lot about a person. It’s a reflection of who you are,” says Dr. Charles Kenny, a consumer psychologist who studies car buyers and their needs: power, status, control, independence, stability, and intelligence. His study reveals that the specific type of vehicle a person buys is a way to fulfill an emotional need. He believes people are emotionally committed to being, or to feeling like, they are rational decision-makers. “Many of them want to seem ethical and smart,” Dr. Kenny added.


Given that cars reveal a fraction of your personality, you will naturally want to be seen with a car that glimmers with elegance and style. One aspect of the vehicle that provides just that is the car design. Car design refers to the development of the appearance, performance, and ergonomics of road vehicles–in simpler words, it is what makes a vehicle distinct among thousands of others on the road.


There are several makes and models to choose from–and all of them can quench your thirst for style and expressionism. When choosing a vehicle, trust your instincts. There will always be that tingling sensation you get after seeing a car for the first time, and it will always lead you to something you want the most.


If you’re new to the “you are what you drive” phenomenon, the first aspect of car design to consider is the color. Colors tell a lot about a person or the message he/she is trying to send. For instance, driving a red Kahn car is like wearing lingerie while you’re outdoors. Red often means “I’m a fast-living, fast-loving, fast-moving individual” or “I’m sexy and I know it”.


Once exterior problems are settled, it’s time to take a look at the car’s interior. There’s a remote chance you’ll be driving a stranger–who was stuck on the road–to his/her destination to add Good Samaritan points. If you want to get the “Hey, nice car” comments out of their mouth, find a Kahn car that’s beautiful in and out.


Most people love the idea of individualism. Needless to say, there’s no good in trying to fit in because you are born to stand out. If you would like to see more cars with unique Kahn design, visit


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