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you love the look of platform shoes

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If you love the look of platform shoes but worried the look was too racy for you, think again! These days, platform shoe fashions are available for everyone. Platform pumps, sandals and boots in a variety of styles mean that no matter what the occasion, you can find an appropriate platform shoe to to lengthen your fashion silhouette. Apart from the different type of shoes that griffey shoes offer platforms, one of the most popular additions to the style lately has been the hidden platform. Sometimes called a covered platform, these shoes cleverly hide the platform inside the the shoe instead of building the shoe on top of the platform. The cheap griffeys style has been a soaring success in ladies’ fashions.

No matter what style you cheap griffeys choose, platforms give legs a long and sexy look, increasing your overall height. They work well in conjunction with a higher heel, not only increasing length but also taking some of the pressure off the ball of the foot, making walking more comfortable. Platform shoes once had a reputation of being “stripper shoes”, but now, with so many different styles and fashions platform shoes can be worn with all sorts of outfits. ken griffey shoes A pair of ken griffey shoes classically styled platform boots worn with a pencil skirt, tights and a suit jacket makes a perfect office outfit in the cooler months. A pair of funky platform sandals goes great with Capris or shorts in griffey shoes the spring and summer. Combine platform pumps with leggings or your tightest jeans and a tunic top for a great party outfit.


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  • Posted On April 17, 2012
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